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jude law and a semester abroad

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23 Aug 2003 | 03:12pm
I've added you all to my main blurty journal because I am so indecisive and missed my old journal. You may add me back if you'd like!
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21 Aug 2003 | 01:09pm
music:   The Moffatts - Misery

What Lesbian Are You? by lostpotential
occupation?That Woman With The Mullet
lesbian stereotype?Drag King Named Tiny Tim
lesbian drama?Love For Mac Makeup
cause of death?Freak Gay Infulenced Death
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

:/ Mullets.

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17 Aug 2003 | 07:04pm
I'm back. Did you miss me? No. cries.

This journal bores me. sob.
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11 Aug 2003 | 11:24pm
I won't be around or updating until Monday, cause I'm going to the Cape. ( Cape Cod for you non-Massachusettsians. )
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10 Aug 2003 | 07:52pm
music:   Howie Day - Secret

I tend to update a lot more in my livejournal, so if any of you has an lj and wants to add me, feel free. Just comment to my 'friends only' entry telling me who you are. <3

Tomorrow my friend Julieanne and I are going to do something for a few hours. This is a big thing considering she is busy 24/7 and can only offer so much time to hang out. She is leaving for college in another state in a couple weeks, so we don't have much time left, and when I think about it I want to cry. All but two of my friends are leaving me, meaning I'll either die of loneliness or I'll have to make new friends. Crap. That's hard.

And yes, I'm going to college too, but I'm commuting. It's five minutes away. My bunnies and family and stuff and mmm bed.

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