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    Monday, May 15th, 2006
    12:04 am
    dont hav anything to say expect...
    i miss u supergirl and i love u sweety

    1~14~06 4E

    Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
    12:12 am
    to cait
    i love u more then anything. u r my world and my everything. i tried lookin at the moon but its covered up by the clouds. i was llokin at the light from the moon so in a way i was still staring at the moon and i was with u. just no that ucan tell me anything and i wont ever break up with u. im in love with my supergirl. monday i work from 8 till 430. tuesday 810 till 330. wed from 8 till 5 or 530. thurs 8 till 430 or 5. i love u cait and ill always b here for u. i miss u so much. i love u

    1~14~06 4E

    Current Mood: lonely
    Current Music: a moment like this
    Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
    1:18 am
    i havnt bin on in awhile. i was in the hospital thursday and friday. thursday nite, tony's little sister dislocated my shoulder as we were on the way back to the car leaving orland mall. the paramedics were called for me and i spent over 4 hours in the ER. then friday nite i was with a couple of my friends driving around and we were stopped at a red light. i was in the back seat and next thing we no, we were rear ended. the driver of the other left which made it a hit and run. we stayed at the scene cuz when we got hit, my relocated shoulder from the nite b4 was re-injuried. so once again the paramedics were called for me. as of rite now, my left shoulder bone is bruised badly. im on medication that makes me very tired and im always in pain. i talked to my EMS teacher today and cuz of my injury, i cant take the state test at the end of the month. he's allowing me to finish the class and in the fall semester i hav to make up my clinicals. once i finish the clinicals i can take the state test. which means instead of bein on an ambulance this summer, i havta wait until pretty much winter to get that chance. so it really sucks. as for the little kids that cait thinks shes losing me to, the little kid is tony's sister. there isnt ne1 in the world that would make me want to give up cait. she means everything to me and i love her to death. i would never do nething to hurt her. i hav 2 stalkers and idk how to get rid of them. ive talked to cait bout it and ive tried everything. they no that im engaged to cait and that im not gunna leave her. cait gave me sum ideas but i cant go with them cuz it would make me feel like i am cheating on her. i dont want that feeling even when it was cait's idea to do it. i love cait very much and i always will. im always with angela, tony, and sumtimes with tony's sister. i dont even play pool nemore. ive played like 3 or 4 times in the past 2 months. that use to b my home away from home. i miss hearing my sweethearts voice. a couple nites ago i had a dream and it was me dreaming of cait. sumthing weird happend. when i woke up, i looked at my fone and while i was sleepin, i called caitlins house. so idk if i talked to sum1, left a message, or if i even talked. it was wierd how i called her house in my sleep. i need u cait. i need u more then ever. i was ready to drop out of my EMT class but when u were in the car accident, it motivated me. it made me really wanna become a paramedic and help ppl. i want to do w/e i can to not hav ppl experience sumthing that i experienced. i was really scared for cait and i didnt no what to do. i love u cait. please dont think i dont need u or that ur losing me. cuz u never will lose me and ill always need u. i think bout u everyday and i miss so much. i still sleep with ur sweater that u gave me everynite.

    caitwwiiin + erwwiicc = love

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    Current Music: climbing the walls
    Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
    10:43 am
    im screwed
    i just found out that u cant miss more then 5 days on my emt class and i missed 6. im so fuckin screwed. i need a really good lie so they dont kick me out and i need to it today. my sweetheart was really supporting me in this class and i failed her. im soooo caitlin dont b mad at me. ill make it up to u sumhow. time to think now. i love u cait <3

    1~14~06 4E

    Current Mood: worried
    Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
    12:57 am
    ok cait i updated hahaha...but yea i really dont hav nething to say cuz everything that i wanted to say i wrote cait in the email...but tomorrow ill add more when i write in u caity

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    Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
    3:40 am
    yea oouch!!! 6 out of my 10 knuckles hurt like a bitch. like at 2 am i was at the pool hall and we were playin bloody knuckles so there pretty messed up rite now but i got him back by fuckin up his. it was all fun and games. i finally got to talk to my cait and it was awsum. hey cait, u havta let me no ur when ur 1st day at hooters is so i can visit u that same day...hehe. and u need to make it to where like u can c me for a little bit either b4 or after u start...and y do u care soo much on my decisions? it kinda feels that im controllin u when u do what i want...the choice is urs, i only can say how i feel bout it. but yea neways im gunna go now cuz my knuckles r ahhh hurt and fucked up so i need to take care of them now so yea peace out. love u caitwwiiin
    Saturday, March 18th, 2006
    3:19 am
    so yea i havnt done nething to my blurty in bout a week so here we go an d do sum ketch-up...get it? yea w/e neways this past week has bin pretty interesting. i talked to my sweety sunday nite and it was great. i also heard how i guess cait's mom is gunna make sure she trains me at st. francis so she could get to no me. guess thats cool. im only happy bout it if cait's happy bout it. i was hoping that id get to talk to cait on monday, but i found out that sumthing bad happend to her aunt. later in the week i found out she died and im really sorry cait. i no how u feel losing sum1 ur very close to. i was very close to my grams and i was the last person to speak to her and i watched her die rite b4 my eyes. its really hard so i no what ur goin threw. just no that if u ever need to talk u no that im here for u. during the week my "bro" was talkin smack bout my cait and it got pissed as fuck. he showed up to the pool hall and i went and confronted him but all the regulars there pulled me away and hand cuffed me to the damn chair and had sum1 next to me till they left so i wouldnt do nething. the next day it was great. they showed up at the pool hall and ppl heard him sayin shit so they let me go at him. i swung and he moved and i ended up hitting him in the mouth so my knuckles r sorta cut up and i hurt, but it was all worth it. u talk shit bout my girl, ur gunna deal with my ass and ahhh idk how to explain it. so just dont mess with cait. also i found out that cait was cutting herself and that she lost a lot of blood. this 1 is for u cait...dont cut urself or try and kill urself cuz u no how much i mean to u and how much u mean to me...i dont want to lose u ever, so b safe...theres gunna b a tournament at the pool hall sumtime and its not for money or nething but for bragging rights...cant wait for that. i also cant wait for summer, i get to b with my cait and were havin a orland v alsip showdown at pool. both the pool halls r owned by the same person, but its our little battle that we'll b havin to c which pool hall has the better players. so i guess that ill b in it. yea i dont hav nething else to really say so im gunna end it with...i love u caitwwiiin...*mwah*

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    Thursday, March 9th, 2006
    6:39 am
    note to my mom
    When you left to go where ever. I was looking out the window and was thinking. I guess you were right, I changed a ton towards you and the family. And it wasnt for the good either. Everyday I acted worse towards you and would make u cry alot. Alot of my change did happen when grandma died. I miss her so much. And yes I have thought about suicide but everytime I thought about it, I would realize that thats not what grandma would want. She would want me to succeed in life and accomplish my dream of becoming a paramedic for the Chicago Fire Department. When I lost her, I lost apart of myself and I cant re-fill that missing part. Once I started dating Caitlin, I was able to talk about grandma and it made me happy. Caitlin is filling that hole a little bit cause shes everything that I want in a girl, but I know everything she or anyone does for me, its never going to fill that hole completely. It really sucks and I'm having a hell of a time trying to put my life back together cause of me being so close to grams. There have been times that I wanted to live with grandpa but I'm scared of going to the house cause of all the memories of/with grandma. Everybody that I hang out with know I've changed. They've told but I dont know how I can go back to my old self. I never want to be at home cause when I am, I manage to hurt you and make you cry. So I figured if I'm not at home, I cant hurt you. If you want to go to breakfast let me know.

    Your son

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    Monday, March 6th, 2006
    12:32 am
    this really fuckin sucks now. i was lookin threw my april schedule and i found out that i fuckin booked myself to work in the emergency room on good friday from 7am to 3pm. thats not bad compared to that i also found out that i get to work in the emergency room at St. Francis hospital on easter sunday from 3pm to 11pm. so yea its gunna b awsum spendin my easter in a hospital dealing with ppl and all there problems. god i love my life. hey no what else i just notcied rite this second? good friday is mine and caits 3 month and i get to work in a hospital....yay...iunno itll b ok tho cuz cait loves me so she wouldnt b mad at me...o well time to go and finish my stupid homework for class in....7 hours and 20 minutes...booo out later...LOVE U CAITWWIIIN

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    Current Music: idk but i bet cait could guess it...hehe
    Friday, March 3rd, 2006
    1:19 am
    as i sit here updatimg my blurty, im smokin my cig, singing along with the song climbing the reflecting on my past week. alot has happend during the week. 2 fight at work with a co-worker in the same day which in 1 of the fights my good buddy ended up losing his job. monday i ended up cutting my wrist after i told cait and angela NOT to cut themselves. i was bleeding pretty bad and had to bandage up my wrist, but i regret cutting myself. every single day i found myself thinkin of the love of my life caitlin. thought bout her for pretty much the entire day and i even would talk bout a good way of course. i was pretty down this week cuz i wasnt able to talk to my sweety for a week now and end up finding out that shes goin away agin for the weekend so i wont b able to stay on the fone with her all nite again for the 2nd weekend in a row. i miss cait soo much u wouldnt even understand. what i miss the most is hearing her voice on the fone and jokin around with her...thats the best part of it all. i want to b her with her so bad rite now id do nething to c her now. she means everything to me. hopefully i get to talk to her for a little bit b4 she leaves for florida on friday cuz i dont think ill b able to go another weekend without hearing her sweet voice at least once. she gives me a reason to wake up eery morning and hav sumthing to look forward to at the end of the day. and im really sorry for not talkin to cait thursday. i was in a fite all day with my mom but o well. i just dont want her to think i was avoiding her or that im mad at her cuz im not. I LOVE U CAITWWIIIN <3

    1~14~06 4ever AND always
    ur "the one" cait

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    Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
    4:15 pm
    today had a ton of excitement and i was only at work so all started when i woke up this morning. i woke up and showed up like ten minutes late like i do every tuesday. it was goin good until 10ish. a fight broke out and it was me and my co-worker goin at it. we were arguing back-and-forth and fists would hav bin thrown if my buddy didnt grab me and drag me away from him. now its funny. cuz after mine and my co-workers little incident, half hour later my buddy and the same co-worker went at it. i jumped in to break it up but i did it a little too late. the supervisor saw it at he sent my buddy home and yea he pretty much just lost his job. cuz he was sent home, we were a man short and finished up work later than usual. when we finally finished, the supervisor called our boss told him we were done and we got our checks. once they got off the fone with each other he tells me that i havta call my boss when i get home. i was like oh joy i cant wait cuz iunno y the fuck he would hav me call him. so it was kinda creepy but i called when i got home. i just had to explain the story of what happend today for the 2nd time to him. im like ooookkkk. well thats what happend so far today and i no there will b sumthing else for later cuz im gunna b gambling in pool again and im gunna win more money again...go erwwiiic (in cait's words) u caitwwiiin

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    1:25 am
    lonely :(
    i really miss my sweetheart. i miss her more then nething in the world rite now. nothings bin the same without talkin to her since last thursday. i miss the sound of her voice and the noises she makes that get me to laugh. i cant wait to talk to her agagin. i also really cant wait to c her. im dying to c theres really nothing else to say excpet i miss cait to death rite now. i love u caitin, always and 4ever.

    i think bout her non-stop

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    Sunday, February 26th, 2006
    11:14 pm
    well my weekend had its ups and downs...the ups were i won money gambling in pool...YAY!!!...but it was the downs that got me...i didnt get to hear my sweetys voice since thursday. it really sucked not talkin to her over the weekend at all cuz iunno if nething happend so i guess u can say that im pretty worried...its not like us to miss a day without talkin to each other, alone 3 full days. but hopefully i get to talk to her real soon cuz i miss my baby alot. and i cant wait to c her either

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    Friday, February 24th, 2006
    2:53 am
    Thank God
    yesterday was weird...i thought that me and cait were finished...but cait called me and explained the situation to me and found out that it was a set-up...her sis almost got us to break up but guess what? they didnt soo HA..ull never end us...we hav too strong of feelings for each other...theyll b askin themselves...what the fuck can we do to get these 2 to break up? ill answer that...nothin...nothin at all will. I Love You SOOO much Caitlin and I always will...MWAH


    Caitwiin:: AHHH

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