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[WiTHOUT ME] You Said You Were All Alone xOo [07 Feb 2004|02:27pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | * TiM MCGRAW * (Sexy) ]

Hey Guys..I Gotta New Survey For You Guys! Use It If You Like, Thanks Whitney For The Survey And Title..<33

1]Shiny Pajama Pants!
2]Black Shirt
3]White Spaggetti Strap Shirt!
4]Blue Slippers

1]Talking To Neffy.Justin.Carolyn
2]Watching CMT
3]This Survey
4]Thinkin About Gettin Dressed!
5]Thinking About What To Do Today!

1]Rotisery Chicken
2]CookiesAndCream IceCream
5]Chips And Dip

1]Rolled Out Of Bed!
3]Did Chores
4]Talked With Mom
5]Got Engaged! LOL.

1]Tim McGraw Singing
2]AOL IM's Dinging
3]My Sister Laughing
4]My Mother
5]The Dishwasher

1]What Am I Going To Wear?
2]What To Do Today
3]Justin Asked Me To Marry Him!
4]Im Still Tired
5]Im Bored

I Didnt Get Out Of Bed Until About 12:30 Today Thanks To Justin Heishman! I Stayed Up Until He Got Home From Work And We Talked Until 4:00! LOL. He's So Sweet!
I Need To Get Dressed And Get Out Of This House! LOL. I Dont Know What I Want To Do Though. There's Not Really A Variety That I Have At This Moment, Parents Are Sleeping And I Have Church Tomorrow So I Doubt They'll Lemme Go Anywhere.. Hmm.. Yea I Just Made This New Layout. It's Alright For Now, I Think I Might Request A Mary Kate And Ashley Layout- They're My Role Models. But I Havent Decided Yet. Well I Guess Im Gonna Go Now. Hop In The Shower And Get Pretty For Nothing Again! LOL. Love Ya Guys<33!
* SARA C. *

×th3 ninja turtl3: Will you marry me? (Justin)
NotYourStar xOo (2:32:00 PM): its a nice day for a....WHITE WEDDING (Whitney)


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*.·´`× CRACK KiLLS ×´`·.* [06 Feb 2004|09:37pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | * THE TELEViSiON * ]

×Heyy Amigos. Whats Goin On? Im Sitting Here Watching TV And Talking To Whitney Neff! She Cracks Me Up! You Have To Love Her. She Needs It Cuz Some People LiE..Yea Whitney- You Know Who Im Talking About! Today We Didnt Have School, Which Is Cool, But It Was So Boring. I Woke Up, Ate Breakfast, Watched American Wedding, Talked Online, Picked My Youth Leader Up From Work And Took Her Home, Came Home, Ordered Pizza, And Now Im Talking Online Again! Yes, I Know Very Boring. Our Game For Tomorrow Was Cancelled Which Now Sucks Because I Have Nothing To Do Tomorrow. I Might Go Over To Whitney's Cuz She Wanted Me To Come Over Tonight, But I Couldnt. Maybe Tomorrow. Now Im Waiting For Justin Heishman To Get Home From Work, Only About 3Hours Left..LOL. Im Gonna Try To Stay Awake..Idk If I Can. Im Not Really Tired But Whitney Neff's Always Got Me Laughin So Im Kinda Hyper! Here's Some Of The Funny Conversations Of The Night:
NotYourStar xOo (6:18:53 PM): pixie sticks are for people who cant afford crackkk
NotYourStar xOo (6:20:46 PM): ive eaten so many pixie sticks
OxSWEETLADYSCxO (6:21:13 PM): :-P cracker

OxSWEETLADYSCxO (6:23:30 PM): we're so dumb..O:-)
NotYourStar xOo (6:23:36 PM): duhhhhh
OxSWEETLADYSCxO (6:23:39 PM): ;-)
OxSWEETLADYSCxO (6:23:49 PM): thats okay..we're more funnnn
NotYourStar xOo (6:23:50 PM): take my breath away..
OxSWEETLADYSCxO (6:23:52 PM): lol.
Gotta Love Her..
Well Guys, I Guess Im Gonna Go. I*ll Write Tomorrow! Much <33
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* C- WALK iN THE SHiZZLE MAH NiZZLE * [05 Feb 2004|06:47pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | * CMT * ]

Hey Guys! How's It Goin? Its Goin Good Here. Talkin To My Girl Whit-Nay Neff
! LOL. I Was Playin Pool With My Good Ole Buddy Justin Heishman But He Left Me..:( Thats Okay, Im Still Talking To Him. Im So Bored Right Now. Just Got Done Eating Again. ANYWAYS
Yea So The Schools Are Supposed To Be Adding 20 MiNUTES To The Day Which Is STUPiD Its Gonna Suck, School Is Long Enough Already! LOL. But Yea, Its Snowin Now And Theyre Calling For Some Ice Too..So NO SCHOOL YAAAY! I Need Some Sleep, Havent Been Gettin Much! Ohh Well. I Have A Game Saturday, And I Kinda Dont Wanna Go And Im Babysitting Tomorrow Night. We Had A Game Last Night Against Sherando, And Of Course We Lost. LOL. Ohh Well I Could Care Less. Well I Guess Im Gonna Go. LATERRRR!
Yea, You Gotta Love Whitney Neff! She's Hillarious. We Got Some Weird Convos! LOL

Whitney Neff: be like no...my sister is straight gangster thuggin word
Whitney Neff: i edited my journal and added a lil something
ME: lol
ME: okk
Whitney Neff: read ittttttt
Whitney Neff: now
ME: holfd onnnnnnnnnnnnn
Whitney Neff: or ill come to your house and drag you out of there and tie you up w/ my fuzzy purple handcuffs
ME: hahahaha
Whitney Neff: ohhhhh spank me.
Whitney Neff: i mean...eww sic
ME: lol
Whitney Neff: i know you are but what am i?
ME: hahaha..shut up.
ME: aaah our convo's in there! hahahha
Whitney Neff: duh bc its funny

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* MAN..i FEEL LiKE A WOMAN! * [02 Feb 2004|05:32pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | * FOX 5 NEWS * ]

Hey There Guys And Gals. How's It Hangin? Im Doing Pretty Good. Im Watching The News Right Now. And Omg, There Was A SCHOOL SHOOTiNG Today Down By Washington DC. Thats Not Cool. Thats Really Scary. I Just Hope Nothin Like That Happens At Our School! But..There Was One Boy Killed And Another Boy Was Shot In The Leg..But He Survived So Thats Good. But School Was Of Course Boring Today. My Mom Lemme Skip First Period And I Went With Her And My Sister To The School Board Office About My Sister And All The Trouble She Gets In! LoL.
Tonight Is The MiLLBROOK vs. JAMES WOOD Game! Im Goin! And Its Gonna Be Awesome! We're Like The 2 Biggest Rivals, And They Say There's Supposed To Be A Lot Of People There, So Its Gonna Be Rockin In Our Gym! LoL. Im Not Sure Who All Will Be There, But Im Meetin Like Barker, Bryan, Jake N All Them There, And We're Gonna Be Crazy! LoL..
Well I Guess Im Gonna Go Now, Finish Eating And Get Ready For The Game. Later Ya'll..
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× SWEET LADY, WOULD YOU BE MiNE × [30 Jan 2004|10:40pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | * NONE * ]

Hey There Ladies And Gents! How's It Goin. Its Goin Alright Here. Im Kinda Gettin Sick Though And It Really Sucks! My Throat Is Really Hurtin, And My Ear Is Like Killin Me! My Mom Thinks It's My Sinuses, Which It Probably Is, Cuz I Got Real Bad Allergies..But Anyways! LOL..
This Week Was Pretty Good, We Didnt Have School Until Today (Friday) Which Was Real Awesome! But I Didnt Even Feel Like Gettin Outta Bed This Mornin, I Didnt Get To Sleep Until Like 1AM Cuz My Ear Was Like Hurtin. I Feel A Little Better Tonight Then I Did This Mornin. But..
Im Not Real Sure What Im Doing This Weekend, Tomorrow I'll Probably Just Sit Around Here And Try N Get Better, And Sunday I Have Church, And Then Church Again Sunday Night Cuz We Got This Youth Service. And Its Gonna Be Fun! LOL. And Then Idk What Im Doing After Church Cuz Its The Superbowl. Im Excited! Im Hoping That The Panthers Will Win, But The Patriots Are Pretty Good Too! So Im Excited To See Who Will Win!
Well I Guess Im Gonna Go Now. I Might Go And Lay Down And Try To Sleep.
English-B+ ×Algebra1-C ×W.History-C ×PE-A ×EarthScience-D+ ×CompTeamSports-C+ ×Spanish-B
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* ARE YOU READY * [27 Jan 2004|10:42pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | *× ROLLiN ×* [ DMX.LiMP BiZKiT ] ]

Hey There Pimps and Pimpettes! LoL. Whats Goin On? Im Sittin Here With My Good Ole' Buddy Chelsea. lol. Yea We're Eating Ferrero Rochers! Yum! We Just Got Done Eating Pizza. It Was Some Good Pizza! But Yea, No School Today Which Is Awesome And No School Tomorrow Either! Yaay! Today Is The First Time Ive Been Home Since Sunday. I Stayed At My Youth Leader's House! I Had Alotta Fun. We Went To Hagerstown Monday, Went Shopping. And I Gotta New Shirt From JcPenny's And A New Purse From Old Navy! Its So Cute. And Then Today We Went To Target And I Gotta Another Shirt. Its Real Cute Too! And So I Decided To Come Home, And Chels Came Over. Yep Im Having Fun. Idk What We're Doing Tomorrow. Might Chill With Some "People", But Who Knows. Well I Guess We're Gonna Go, Gotta Go Call Andrew Back..TTUL.
* Sar And Chels *
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×.·.*TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME BABY*.·.× [24 Jan 2004|03:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | * CLiCK CLiCK BOOM * (Saliva) ]

Hey There Girls And Guys. Whats Up? Im Sitting Here, Just Got Off Of The Phone With Jon Mills. One Of Travis' Friends. Today Is Jon's Birthday And So Travis Stayed There Last Night. But Yea, I Definetely Didnt Get Outta Bed Until Like 11:30 This Morning. I Was So Tired, Havent Been Sleeping Well Lately. I Guess Thats What Happens When You Have Too Much On Your Mind. But Im Okay Now! ;-) Yea Travis Said That He Is Going To Move In With Jon Now Because He Cant Look At Me In The Hallways And Know He Cant Have Me Back, So I Dont Know What Is Going To Happen Now. Anyways..
Yea There's So Much Snow Outside And Thats Awesome. Im Hoping We Wont Have School Monday. But They're Calling For More Snow Like Tomorrow And Thats Awesome! SNOWBALL FiGHT! Yaay! HaHa. Yea I Have To Finish Chapter 7 In My Driver's Ed Book And I Have Algebra Homework! :( Ill Do It Like Tomorrow Or Something. Im Sucha Procrastinator LoL.
Well I Guess Im Gonna Go..Might Write Later Or Somethin. Later Guys!!
*× Holla Atcha Girl ×* (Whitney! LoL)
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»* OUT PAST WHERE THE BLACKTOP ENDS *« [23 Jan 2004|04:48pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | »* CMT MUSiC *« [ Sweet Southern Comfort ] lol.. ]

Ladies, Hands Up Lemme See You Shake Your Stuff..
HaHa..Whata Weird Song. So Hey Whats Up Guys? Nothin Much Here. Just Got Off The Phone With Whitney Neffy! Yea I Might Go To Her House Later After Her Mom Gets Home And Says Its Okay. But Idk Yet, If She Says No I Might Go To The Game Or Somethin Cuz Our Freshman Game Got Cancelled Becuz Brenstsville Doesnt Have A Girl's Freshman Team, Very Weird, But Doesnt Bother Me Much. Whats Really Gay Is We Have A Game Tomorrow!! On A Friday? What Kinda Crap Is That? LoL. Yea Its Dumb, But It'll Gimme Somethin To Do I Guess..Yea I Have Church Sunday And I Havent Been Ina Week, So I Should Prolly Go. But I Guess Ima Go, And Wait For Whitney To Call Me Back..Later Pimps..
»* S. CARTER *«
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[ mood | sick ]
[ music | *× WHY CANT i ×* [ Liz Phair ] ]

Hey There Ladies And Fellas..How's It Goin? Its Goin Good Here. Just Sittin Here Talking To Chelsea On The Phone..Im So Bored. Yea And Of Course Like Any Other Day, School Sucked! lol..How Was Everyone Else's Day? Im Gonna Be So Glad When School Is Over. Omg I Have Like A Whole Chapter To Do In My Workbook For Driver's Ed. I'll Get It Done Before Monday Tho, So It Doesnt Really Matter. Yea I Definetely Feel Like Im Gonna Throw Up Eww..Idk Whats Been Going On With Me Lately, Im Like Sick One Min, And Fine The Next And It Sucks..:( I Needa Get Outta This House, Cuz Its Like A MadHouse! LoL..People Yellin Here And There! LoL...Well I Think Ima Go. Much <33!
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*× iM SO TiRED OF HERE, SURPRESSED BY ALL OF MY..CHiLDiSH FEARS ×* [20 Jan 2004|07:26pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]
[ music | × ANDREW TALKiNG × ]

Hey There Ladies And Gents..Whats Going On? Im Sitting Here Talking On The Phone. Really Bored. And Im Like Burning Up..LoL. But Yea School SUCKS. I Was Supposed To Have Driver's Ed Tomorrow Right, With Like Travis, Chelsea, And Amy L. But Noo The School Had To Switch That Class With My Health Class. Err That Makes Me So Mad. I Guess Oh Well, But Now Idk Who Im Gonna Have Health With And That Really Sucks. But..Yea Tomorrow Is Gonna Be ×3 MONTHS× For Me And Travis But I Guess It Doesnt Really Count Since We Arent Going Back Out Yet. Hmm..Im Not Sure If We're Gonna Get Back Together Or Not, We Havent Really Talked About It Much. So Idk Whats Gonna Go On. But, I Dont Really Have Much To Say Right Now, Cuz You Know I Have Like No Life. But Yea My Sister Got Kicked Outta School Again. The Girl Whom She Fought Awhile Back Was Spreadin Rumors, And My Sister Went Up To Her And Confronted Her About It, And The Girl Called Her A SLUT To Her Face And So My Sister Just Hit Her Right In The Face. TWiCE! lol..So She Has To Go To A Meeting With Like The Principal And With Mom, And Theyre Gonna Decide Her Punishment. LoL. But Oh Well I Dont Really Care. *× iM OUT LiKE WHOA ×* lol..
*× S. CARTER ×*
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* SWEET SURVEY * [18 Jan 2004|10:23am]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | * NoNe * ]



.xOo. DiD ANYONE CLOSE TO YOU GiVE BiRTH?: Courtney Lillis, Stepmom, Cousin, And Youth Leader


.xOo. DiD YOU BREAK ANYONES HEART?: Yes. Or So They Say..:-/

.xOo. SAY ANYTHiNG YOU REGRET?: Yes..I’ve Regreted A Lot.


.xOo. DiD ANYONE CLOSE TO YOU DiE: I Don’t Think So..


.xOo. WHAT WOULD YOU LiKE TO HAVE iN 04 WHiCH YOU LACKED iN 03?: Probably..I Would Like To Have Confidence.

.xOo. WHAT DATES FROM 03 WiLL BE ETCHED iN YOUR MEMORY…WHY?: Everything With Travis. He Was The Guy, Who No Matter How Mean Or Jerky I Was, He Was Always There For Me. And In Jan. I Broke Him Heart And Sometimes I Regret It, Sometimes I Don’t.

.xOo. BiGGEST ACHiEVEMENT OF 03?: Making Cheerleading..Finding Someone Who Really Loves Me (Travis)

.xOo. BiGGEST FAiLURE?: Going Back To Ex Boyfriends…Hurting Bestfriends..Letting Go Of The Guy That Really Did Love Me..(Travis)


.xOo. BEST THiNG YOU BOUGHT?: Clothes..All I Ever Buy!

.xOo. WHOS BEHAViOR MERiTED CELEBRATiON?: Chelsea And Travis..And Whitney Neffy!

.xOo. WHOS BEHAViOR MADE YOU DEPRESSED?: Mine..And Travis’ When We Broke Up.


.xOo. WHAT ARE YOU REALLY EXCiTED ABOUT?: This Upcoming Summer

.xOo. WHAT SONG ALWAYS REMiNDS YOU OF 03: Changes ( Kelly And Ozzy Osbourne)

HAPPiER-Not Sure..
RiCHER-Don’t Know
POORER-Don’t Know

.xOo. WHAT DO YOU WiSH YOU’VE DONE MORE OF?: Spent Time With Family. And Go Out With Friends More..


.xOo. FAVORiTE TV PROGRAM OF 03: A Lot Of Em..

.xOo. DO YOU HATE ANYONE NEW AS OF NOW?: Probably. I Don’t Really Hate Anyone.. I Strongly Dislike

.xOo. BEST BOOK YOU READ?: She Said Yes..


.xOo. WHAT DiD YOU WANT…AND GET?: I Wanted To Meet My Real Dad, And I Got To Over Thanksgiving..

.xOo. WHAT DiD YOU WANT AND NOT GET?: To Go To Texas..

.xOo. FAVORiTE FiLM OF 03?: Cheaper By The Dozen, Somethin’s Gotta Give, Finding Nemo

.xOo. WHAT DiD YOU DO ON YOUR BiRTHDAY?: Hadda Party..


.xOo. DESCRiBE FASHiON CONCEPTS OF 03: Normal..Or Some Say *Preppy*

.xOo. WHAT CELEB PUBLiC FiGURE DiD YOU FANCY THE MOST?: Olsen Twins! My Role Models! Lol..

.xOo. POLiTiCAL iSSUE STiRRED YOU THE MOST?: Finding Sadaam Hussein

.xOo. WHO DiD YOU MiSS THE MOST?: Anyone Who Changed Schools. But Probably Stacia Thompson. She Left For College In August.

.xOo. WHO WAS THE BEST PERSON YOU MET?: Andrew Nacin and Bryan Keelon. And Whitney Neff..

.xOo. BEST MONTH OF 03: October..When Me And Travis Got Together!

.xOo. WORST MONTH OF 03: I Dont Know..


.xOo. QUOTE A SONG LYRiC THAT SUMS UP YOUR YEAR?: Life is Short..So Go On And Live It..[ Chris Cagle ]

.xOo. A QUOTE THAT SUMS UP 03?: Never Give Up..If You Still Wanna Try!

.xOo. NEW YEARS EVE 03?: Spent It With My Grandma!

.xOo. NEW YEARS EVE 04?: Travis Came Over!

.xOo. NEW YEARS EVE 05?: Hopefully With A Guy Who Can Drive! ;-)

.xOo. SUM UP 03 iN JUST ONE WORD: *Crazy.*

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× Never Give Up..If You Still Wanna Try × [18 Jan 2004|09:37am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | × LiTTLE BROTHER TALKiNG GiBBERISH! lol × ]

× Hola Mis Amigos! [ LoL ] Whats Goin On? Not A Lot Here, Once Again Im Up Early! LoL. My Little Brother Woke Me Up By Screaming His Head Off! He's Getting Sick..:( But Yea, How Was Everyone's Day Yesterday? Mine Was Pretty Good, Just Chillin Round Here With My Family! And Then I Got My Perm Last Night. It Looks Real Cute! But Its Kinda Frizzy Right Now Cuz I Didnt Wanna Bother With Gel N All Til Today. But I Like It! I Just Hope It Looks Okay Tuesday For School! LoL.
So Whats Everyone Doing Today? Every Sunday My Family Here Has A Big Dinner, So Im Gonna Go To That Since I Havent Been Ina While. We Always Have Some Good Food! HeHe. And You Know I Love To Eat. Im Not Sure When Im Going Home Yet. I Think Im Gonna Go Home Monday. Cuz I Mean I Havent Seen This Part Of My Family Since Christmas! And Idk How Long Itll Be Before I See Them Again Cuz Of Me Being So Busy N All.
Man I Havent Talked To Travis Since Friday! lol..He Hasnt Called Here And That Surprises Me. I Thought He Had The Number, But He Called My House And My Mom Told Em I Wasnt Home. I'll Just See Him Tuesday I Guess!
Well..I Think Im Gonna Go Now. Play With My Little Brothers And Watch TV!
3 Kisses × 2 Hugs × 1 Love!
× [ S A R A ] ×
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×* The Adventure's About To Start! *× [17 Jan 2004|08:58am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | × REAL WORLD vs. ROAD RULES TV SHOW × ]

*'-.> Hey There Ladies And Gents.
Whats Goin On? Yea Its Pretty Early. I Couldnt Sleep, So I Just Got Up With My Little Brother. We Just Put Em Back To Bed Cuz He's So Tired! lol..Last Night Was Fun! Me And My StepMom Went To 7Eleven. And I Got A Pint Of Ben And Jerry's CHOCOLATE CHiP COOKIE DOUGH! Man Ive Been Cravin It For Like Ever! And I Got Some Smores Hot Chocolate! And She Got Nachos And Hot Chocolate! lol. Yea It Was Like 12° Out There, And I Ate Ice Cream, But Hey I Was Inside In The Warm! So Who Cares! But Yea, I Needa Get In The Shower So I Can Go Get My Perm Done! HeHe. Pray It Looks Like Last Time!
Well I Guess Im Gonna Go Now, Get In The Shower, And Start Gettin Ready. I'll Prolly Write Later. Much <33!
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* DADDY's HANDS, WERE SOFT AND KiND WHEN i WAS CRYiN * [16 Jan 2004|06:58pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | * FRiENDS TV SHOW * ]

Hey Guyss! Whats Goin On? Im Sittin Here At My Dad's Right Now. Chillin Watchin Friends. And Playing With My Baby Brother! Hes Almost 1..He's So Cute. Hes Tryin To Like Pound On The Keyboard!But..How Was Everyone's Day At School? Mine Was Alright. Of Course I Got My Shoe Taken Again By Travis Davis LoL. Normal Day For Me! And It Was Just A Good Day!
So Whats Everyone Doin This Weekend? Yea I Was Supposed To Go To The Millbrook vs. Sherando Game But I Decided To Come Here, I Havent Been Here Ina While. But Tomorrow..Im So Excited, Im Getting My Hair PERMED Again! HeHe. Yea It Was So Cute Last Time! I Hope It Turns Out Like It Did Last Time Or Im Gonna Be Madd! lol. Well Anyways, Im Not Sure When Im Coming Home Yet, Since We Dont Have School Monday Who Knows. Man I Feel So Sick To My Stomach, I Had Pizza For Dinner, And I Feel Sick, At Lunch Today I Had Brother's Pizza And I Got Sick..:(. It Sucks! LoL. But I Guess Im Gonna Go Now. Much <33..
*[ S a r A ]*
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* I Wouldve Given You All Of My Heart, But There's Someone, Whos Torn It Apart * [15 Jan 2004|02:55pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | *THE 1st CUT iS THE DEEPEST*-Sheryl Crow ]

Heyy There Ladies And Fellas..How's Everyone Doin? Im Doin Pretty Good. My Day Kinda Sucked. It Was Alright Tho! But One Things For Sure, SKiRTS SUCK! LoL. I Had To Wear One Today Because We Have An Away Game Tonight At Sherando. Its Gonna Be Awesome! I Cant Wait. But Anyways, Travis Wrote Me Another Poem Today And Finally Wrote Me Back To The 4page Letter I Wrote Him, But He Said He Didnt Want Me Showin The Poem To Anyone. Im Not Sure Why But Oh Well..Yea I Dont Really Have Much To Say. We Finished Our Science Quarterly Today. Idk How I Did. But I Hate Science. Anyways.. Well I Guess I Better Go So I Can Get Ready For The Game, I Gotta Eat, Maybe Shower, And Shave My Legs! LoL..And Be Ready By 4:30. So Tootles!
MAD <333--
*. MEE .*
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* THERES ALWAYS TOMORROW * [14 Jan 2004|04:53pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | *.·´` CHiCKS DiG iT ´`·.* -Chris Cagle- ]

Back To School Today. And Of Course It Sucked! LoL..But Yea We Hadda Quarterly Assesment In World History And He Moved It Up To TODAY I Was So Mad, And So Was Everyone Else, But I Think I Did Okay, I Usually Always Do Good In That Class. And Then I Hadda Science Quarterly, And I Had To Finish My Spanish Quarterly Today Since I Wasnt At School Yest. So I Was Testing All Day. Oh Yea I Also Had One In English. :(. I Hate School Sometimes. And I Know I Did Good On The English One. It Was So Easy! lol. But Anyways. How Was Everyone's Day? Mine Was Pretty Good. I Wrote Travis This 4 page Letter Last Night, And Gave It To Him Today. And He Wrote Me A Poem That Was So Sweet. I Cried When I Read It. Hold On, Ill Show You..
When I First Layed My Eyes On You,
I Knew You Were My Dream Come True
Your Were A Gift From Above,
A Beautiful Girl For Me To Love,

I Watched Everything You Wanted To Show,
You Taught Me Things I Needed To Know,
I Never Thought There'd Be A Day,
Where We Would Split..Two Different Ways.

I Never Meant To Cause You Pain Or Shame,
But I Made A Mistake, Ill Take The Blame,
It Hurts Real Bad That We're Apart,
Just Promise, Youll Keep Me In Your Heart.

Im Asking You To Still Be Strong,
We Wont Be Apart For Very Long,
And When You Finally Do Come Back,
Ill Try My Hardest Not To Go Wrong.

Ill Try My Best Not To Hurt You,
When THinfs Go Wrong, I Wont Desert You,
Im Being As Patient, As I Can Be
So We'll Be Back Together, Just *You* And *Me*

Dont Ever Feel That Your Are Alone,
Ill Wrong And Call You On The Phone,
I Pray Each Night That God Will Guide You,
While I Cant Be There, Right Beside You.

Trust In Me And Listen To Me Here,
My Love For You Will Never Disappear,
Even Though We're Not Together
* Ill Keep You In My Heart, Forever *
Its So Sweet. And I Still Love And I Really Do Miss Him. But I Guess It'll All Work Out Sooner Or Later If We Just Wait. And He Said He's Willing Too. So Thats Good!
But I Guess Im Gonna Go Now. Might Write Later. Comment Meee! Much <33 To Yaa!
*.·´` SARA REANN ´`·.*
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*»¦«· Ðäÿ·Øff ·»¦«* [13 Jan 2004|09:38am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | * Feel Like Makin Love * [ Kid Rock ] ]

It Sucks Being Sick. But The One Good Thing Is You Can Miss School And I Get To Miss Today! My Tummy Really Hurts. But..Yea Im Not Sure Whats Going On, But I Keep Getting Suspended And Its Upsetting Me! LOL. But Maybe I Can Keep This One. So How Was Everyones Day At School? Boring I Suppose. I Think Today Was My Last Day In Gym. I Go To Health Next. :-/. Not Really Looking Forward To It, Cuz I Mean I Like Gym! lol..Wow. I Just Got Finished Watching The Movie Cradle To The Grave And DMX Plays In That. That Was An Awesome Movie! Sorta Sad, But It Was Really Good. I Think I Might Go Watch All About The Benjamins Or Something Like That Here Later After Im Done With My Blurty And All. Im Not Really Talking To Ne1 Right Now Cept Renee Cuz Shes Sick Too. And Stacia Cuz She Dont Have Her First College Class Til 12:30. But I Guess Im Gonna Go And Watch This Movie. Ill Prolly Write Later. Much <33..
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