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Sunday, October 12th, 2003

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    La La La..

    Who Wants Some Real Love In Their Life?
    Wave Your Hands In Their Air
    Now Scream It Out, Ohh Yeah
    Who Needs Some Real Love In Their Life?
    Wave Em Side To Side
    ATL;Callin All Girls

    Psstt.. I need a new computer. Bad. But my dad doesn't want to buy me a new one. This junk crashes when one pop up comes up. I can hardly get to this website without shutting the computer down atleast twice. I can't listen to my music until I'm typing here because the popups fuck up my music. Errr, I can't stand it. I've had the came CPU for 7 years.
    Yeah, I have a few guys I'm pimpin' at the moment. Their names.. Eddie, Bj, Nick, Moe, Reggie, the other Nick and Chaze. Yeahhh.. Eddie, Hm, Sexy. He's lightskin. I think he's mixed with Black and Rican. He's got short curly hair, the sexiest brown eyes, sexy thug style, pretty tall. He's cute. Very cute. I was walking down the hallway on Thursday and I have to admit I was looking mighty cute and he was smiling and he waved and said what's up. But I was late for class so I smiled, and waved back and then I walked off. I didn't see him on Friday. Bj. Me and him spent all lunch period together. I don't think me and him will be dating. As much as I would want too.. I just can't see it. It's all good though, because I can still flirt with him and he does the same. We are still good friends and I don't think much will change that. He's got too many girls all over him and I don't think that I could handle that if I was his girl. Nick. The one that goes to my school. Yes, I tried to stop liking him.. but he looks so good and when he comes over and smiles at me and just looks me up and down, I just get chills. He's so damn fine. Kanika was like "Damn, can the nigga stare any harder?" I was like "I don't know, But he needs to" Lol. He looked so damn good on Friday. I wanted to die. Just so sexy. Ahhhh.. beautiful. Moe... I wouldn't consiter myself pimpin' him, because I do love him, but it's hard when he lives 45 minutes away and I can't be near him as much as I want to. He calls every lunch time at school and every night so see how I'm doing. It's nice to have his comfort there. :D Reggie, this fella.. He be starring so hard. He's sexy.. His hair was looking kinda crunk on Friday.. But he will fix that. Lol. I love watching him and Nick play basketball. They are both so sexy. It's tempting. Reggie was crossing A'lashus up, while looking and smiling at me. Very funny. Nick. The older one. No.. me and him are kinda still dating.. :/ I know, Im so horrible, but He knows Im in school and I see guys everyday and it is very tempting. So far, I wouldn't consiter anything cheating... So, I'm doing good. I think me and him are going to the movies tonight. Not sure.. But I can tell you, everytime we are together, nothing better. Chaze, Chaze is this white boy that's in my first period. He's kinda cute.. He's not bad.. He was making me die laughin on Friday. Very funny. He does drugs though.. But.. He's a possiblity.. He's a football player. Yum.
    WORD LiMiT
    Yeah pimps, Ima bout to go over the limit So Ima holler at ya laterrr! Leave notes if this junk even save. Im Ghost, playa playa!


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