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[29 Sep 2014|08:40am]


You were my only love for a moment,
You were my only love for a time,

Wish I could hold you like I used to.
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[25 Sep 2014|08:53am]


It's been ten years
And I've got my new set of scars
From broken hearts and broken arms
From chasing after where you are

I've cried a couple tears
Been taking everything too far
And running around in the dark
Trying to finish what I couldn't start

So who's gonna love you now
That gravity brought you down
Now that I'm not around
Who's gonna love you now?
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[24 Sep 2014|08:00am]


I see your face in everything
Now your honey jars are frozen
In the window your books have browned
And there’s too much room inside our bed
I think I’ll join you in the ground.
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[23 Sep 2014|07:41pm]


the glass beneath our feet tonight
is not enough to change my mind
this dance is worth it
this love isn't over.
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[21 Sep 2014|02:56am]


He took me further than my feet could ever wander.
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