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User:zxundecidedxz (960061)
Location:United States
Bio:well lets see. i love music. it means alot to me and it helps me get through alot of shit. i'm in love with system of a down. i heartz them. they're the best band ever in my opinion. music helpd me get to sleep at night and it wakes me up in the morning. i'm also very lame. i like the power rangers. it's retarded i know but i don't care. i heartz video games but i don't have a game system. i haven't had one in about 3 years cuz we can't afford to get another one right now and my cat chewed up the wire on the last one.

if we're going for some basics here i'm a female and i'm gunna be turning 17 in october. i once had a blurty before but i needed to delete it for personal reasons.

i hate skool with a passion. i used to like it somewhat cuz it got me out of the house and junk but it's just one big pain in the ass now. i'm in honors classes and shit and the work can be brutal but it's not that bad. i just hate the people in the skool. i've had shit stolen this year from assholes, i've been in a few fights, and i've just had some pretty shitty skool years since the 6th grade but only 2 more years to go. if it weren't for the assholes of which i will graduate with i would probably still like skool.

i'm a mallrat. i spend a lot of time at the mall with my friends. i'm not close with alot of people. i'm friends with alot but i'm not close with them and we probably won't talk much after we graduate. i'm only close with about 3 people that mean more to me than anything in the world. i'm gunna stop writing this and move on to a journal cuz i can go on 4ever lol
Interests:11: and piano, art, drawing, hanging with friends, just having fun, music, photography, playing guitar, singing, violin, writing
Friends:12: bisexual, dearyou_, fuckthasys, musicislifeee, photography, scc, sextips, support_group, surrealxsilence, thespian15, thinandhealthy, whycut
Member of:5: bisexual, dearyou_, photography, sextips, thinandhealthy
Account type:Free User

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