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Below is information about the "Zeromaniacs United" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:zeromancer (363057)
Name:Zeromaniacs United
Website:Zero Zentral
About:ZEROMANCER: the impossible band. They arose from the ruins of a band called Seigmen that was extremely successful in Norway - until , in search for a more international profile - they abandoned their native language.

Singer Alex Møklebust and bass player Kim Ljung literally fled from the straits of provisionalism in Norway to wide-open America, only to run into a lot of old friends from home. In the transformation from Seigmen to ZEROMANCER, the band produced their debut album "Clone Your Lover" and emerged better and more perfect. They made use of the glamour of a second chance to escape the shadows of the past. "Clone Your Lover" proved to be a prophetic title, with the band winning new fans on one tour after the other. Despite almost non-stop touring, the fans kept coming back and in larger and larger numbers...
Interests:80: boys in eyeliner, chris, chris schleyer, chrome bitch, clone your lover, concerts, conetik, cupola, dan electro, david lynch, delaware, depeche mode, doctor online, dr online, dr.suess, erik, erik ljunggren, erotic saints, eurotrash, fade to black, famous last words, festivaler, fishnets, flagellation, flirt with me, flw, germany, god bless the models, gåte, hollywood, houses of cards, idiot music, japan, kidney thieves, kim, kim ljung, kitsch, kraftwerk, lamp halo, ljungblut, mac, marilyn manson, merch nurse sandra, more chris, mosquito coil, music, musikk, nemi, neo geisha, new order, noralf, noralf ronthi, norge, norsk, norway, norwegian, norwegian music, opelwerk, philharmonic, placebo, plasmatic, raising hell, red harvest, rockefeller, seigmen, send me an angel, something for the pain, split seconds, stop the noise, synthetic dreads, teenage recoil, tokyo, turbonegro, vampire state building, very hot girls, wannabe, zeromancer, zmr, zzyzx,
Members:9: avant_garde, grey_flower, miss_masochrist, miss_moneypenny, pixelghetto, rebellove, tflglobal, _raggedxdoll_, _smh
Watched by:5: avant_garde, miss_masochrist, pixelghetto, tflglobal, _raggedxdoll_
Member of:1: tyskarna
Account type:Free User

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