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Below is user information for Zero_Confidence. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:zero_confidence (240583)
Location:Danbury, Connecticut, United States
AOL IM:xsLiPkN0TiSg0dx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:x0xteenxdreamx0x (Add User, Send Message)
About me
My birth records say I'm Cassandra Santina Marden. Well, I like to go by Cassie, LuLu, or Crazy C0usin B0ner. My brithday is August 22, so I'm a Leo. My birthstone is Peridot. I am about 5'3", and I have brown hair and brown eyes. My best friend in the world is Rissa. A lot of my other friends are Ben, Chris E, Britney, Jessa, Zenetta, Alex, the other Alex, Nicole, Felicia, Tyler, the other Tyler, Jesse, Randy, Coty, Tony, Kevin, Chelsea, Kyle, Ariana, Deanna, David, Jamie T, Janelle, Ryan, Fred, Tim, Sheila, Mike, Cindy, JB, Christine, and Jackie. If I forgot anyone and you want to be added, just comment on a journal and I'll add you in there somewhere. My journals are friends only, because I write about crap I don't want just anyone reading. I love music, and I don't even do homework without it. I am the usual freak, that gets stereotyped as "goth". I'm not goth nor do I pretend to be. I love life, and despise everything that breathes. I have been suicidal...but that had to do with Greg. (long story, ask if you wanna know). I am very sarcastic, and I hate my's very unique. When I'm with Marissa...I am the loudest person alive..or when I'm with any friends for that matter. My favorite colors are black and pink. I like blue and purple too. I'm very sensitive, I cry about everything. I also get pissed off easily, and it's hard to cheer me up. I think I'm fat and ugly..the usual zero self confidence thing, hence my username. Well, that's about it. If you have any questions or comments...just comment.
<33 Cassandra
Interests:103: 3 doors down, 311, amanda perez, audioslave, beanies, being cold, ben, bike riding, black, blurty, candy, carebears, catch 22, coal chamber, cold, colorfulness, custom, cutting, cyndi lauper, cypress hill, darkness, dragon ball z, dreaming, drowning pool, dry cell, emode, emos, empress, evanescance, finger 11, fire, fixer, flaw, fountains of wayne, godhead, godsmack, good charlotte, graveyards, hats, hot cars, hot guys, icons, insane clown posse, jack off jill, kelly clarkson, kelly rowland, kittie, korn, lightning, linkin park, lonliness, making out, mall, marilyn manson, mest, mindless self indulgance, misfits, mudvayne, murder dolls, music, new found glory, night, nirvana, no self esteem, nothingface, orgy, outside, paganism, porn, posters, pretty things, puddle of mudd, pyromaniacs, quizzes, rain, rammstein, reading poems, rissa, rollerblading, saliva, sepherith, shaggy 2 dope, sleep, slipknot, stars, stone sour, storms, suicide, system of a down, teletubbies, the starting line, the used, togetherness, tony, tool, trapt, tuxedos, twisted sister, val emmich, violent j, walking to mobil, writing, writing poems
Friends:9: babynat03, broken_starz, gothic_knight, grungediva, jons_slut, surveyjunkies, xdashboard_kid, xkid_at_hartx, xwarpedxmindx
Account type:Free User

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