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Below is user information for Nigel. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:zebraboy (100418)  
Location:New Jersey, United States
Interests:131: a thousand leaves, aeons, alfred hitchcock, armistead maupin, being gay, books, borges, burning airlines, cabaret, calvin and hobbes, cigarettes, cloud strife, company, courtney love, dave eggers, dave grohl, david lovering, dirty, dragon warrior vii, eidolons, england, english, erotica, feedback, fei fong wong, final fantasy ix, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, frank black, front mission 3, gay guys, grim fandango, grunge, guitars, guys and dolls, hairy men, hole, homestar runner, homosexuality, homosexuals, homsar, house of leaves, indie rock, interactive fiction, into the woods, james dean, joey santiago, john irving, john steinbeck, jorge luis borges, kathleen hannah, killing kittens, kim deal, kim gordon, kris novoselic, kurt cobain, le tigre, les miserables, libraries, liz phair, lo mein, magnolia, making love, manley pope, marilyn monroe, mark z. danielewski, marlboro menthol lights, masturbation, men, michael chabon, modern art, music, my bloody valentine, n'sync, new jersey, nintendo, nirvana, noise, nyc ghosts and flowers, phantom of the opera, pixies, playstation 2, poe, pom pom, procrastination, punk, queer as folk, queer duck, queer sex, ramen, ramza beoulve, rent, sephiroth, seton hall, seton hall university, sex, shu, sleep, sleeping late, sociology, sonic youth, squall leonhart, stephen king, steve shelley, strong bad, strong mad, strong sad, super nintendo, tales of the city, the '90s, the broken hearts club, the cheat, the far side, the longest journey, thurston moore, tidus, tom robbins, tori amos, trick, valley of the dolls, vans, veruca salt, washing machine, whiskey, willowbrook mall, writing, xenogears, zebra, zebras
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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