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User:zabini_blaise (121024)
Name:Blaise Zabini
AOL IM:Veiled Moonlight (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:My name's Blaise. Blaise Zabini. I'm in my Fifth Year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I'm on the Slytherin team as a Chaser. I love Quidditch, love to watch it. Love playing it even more. It may not be exactly relaxing, but it's a good bit of fun.
My best subjects are Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Potions. And for the record, I don't do well in Potions because Snape favors Slytherins. That may be why Crabbe and Goyle do well, but not me. I'm ok at everything else, but not really great, either.
I love to talk with my friends. Have fun, gossip, things like that. I also like practicing Quidditch, or shopping, lots of things.
I surprised Slytherin my first year here. How? Simple. When it came time to split us up, I was sent to the boys' dorms. Everyone was like, "But that's not a BOY!" Well, surprise surprise, Slytherin. Blaise IS a boy. Looks can be deceiving..Slytherins should know this by now. Then again, so can voices...I sound like a girl. Tend to act like one, though I can be as hard-assed as some of the other guys. I like doing things with each(not that way you sick perv) and simply having fun, being who I am. Of's quite amusing, since the ONLY people who know I'm a male are Slytherins. The rest of the school pretty much thinks I'm a chick. I think maybe only Dumbledore and Snape know. And Madam Pomfrey. But to the rest of the populace, I'm a rather...underdeloped...girl. I can be slightly amused with it sometimes. Then again, I talk with the girls more, and talk about guys, and am not really picky on which girl. I'm not as incredibly stuck up as other Slytherins.
Alright, well, now you know about me.

[[Not the real Blaise. There IS no real Blaise. And yeah, the above? Simply OOC knowledge only. Thanks. ^.^ ]]
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