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User:yuffiie (280795)  
Website:Player's LJ
Location:Wutai, Japan
Bio:Okay, well, let's start off with the basic facts: I am great. No, really, I am.


My name is Yuffie Kisaragi and I come from a wonderful town called Wutai. Wutai used to be a groovesome town 'till those Shinra whores came along and had a nice ol' war with Wutai, rendering it pretty much useless -- it's now a pathetic tourist town. Or was until very recently, but that's not the point! I still need to steal more materia for my beloved town! Without me, it will wither away into a pile of dust!

Ahem, yes.

I am currently seventeen, looking as slick as ever (go here to see an example of my perfectness!) and have sharpened my elite ninja abilities. To round up this wonderful tale? Well, let's just say that Miss Yuffie Kisaragi is the bestest, hottest, cutest ninja chick out there! Yay!
Interests:31: aeris, aeris gainsborough, aerith, aerith gainsborough, annoying, barret, barret wallace, cait sith, cid, cid highwind, cloud, cloud strife, elena, knights of the round, marlene wallace, materia, mog, moogle, reeve, reno, rude, shera, shinra, tifa, tifa lockheart, tseng, turks, vincent, vincent valentine, yuffie, yuffie kisaragi
Friends:10: chococloud, iluffmymasamune, red_xiii, stonedturk, tifa_pet_me, visionary, _distortion_, _distortion_ooc, _highwind, _soldier_
Friend of:4: funny_valentine, iluffmymasamune, _highwind, _soldier_
Account type:Free User

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