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Below is information about the "You X Who?" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:you_x_who (18582)  
Name:You X Who?
About:You x who

Who's your dream boyfriend/girlfriend? Is it a certain special anime/fantasy character? Is it a rockstar or jrocker? Or maybe it's a really special actor? Then this is the community for you! Read the rules!

The rules!

1. only 1 claim per person. The 1st 10 people get 2 claims.

2. Your claim may be a male or a female it doesn't matter.

3. Once a person is claimed no one else may claim them. If the person you want is claimed, sorry you will have to find someone else.

4. Banner Images are okay. Just <.LJ-CUT.> them.

5. Post in the community to claim your claim. Comment claims will be ignored.

Maintainer: kamijo
Interests:26: anime, bishoujo, bishounen, books, couples, dating, final fantasy, games, gundam wing, harry potter, hide, inu yasha, inu-yasha, inuyasha, j rock, j-rock, jrock, kamijo, lareine, love, manga, new sodmy, video games, violinist of hameln, x, x japan
Members:63: 4never, ashre, bmogroupie, burning_wind, death_talks, diosnohanayome, duo_girl, genkivenus, germs, hikari, himegarnet, himiko, integrasama, ioamozephyr, i_love_inuyasha, kakatuwa, kamijo, kao, katsuya, kawaiidreamer14, kawaiisakura, kourui, kuroneko_13, kyou_kun, larkinite, magiciangirl, mercifuldeath, mirror_image, mokona_onna, moonheavenangel, naori_chan, naturegoddesski, ness, oddish, pan_chan, punk3d_owt, purinsesu, pyradragongirl, rotten, sakebi, seiyaryu, sexteen, shyah, silencio, smart_one, smo0thiiez, spiritedaway, spork_you, star_kitten, surrealrose, takuro, tasuki_no_miko, tenjou_utena, uotani, ushichan_haru, utsukushii_sora, wingedgrace, xtviruskissesx, yami, yuri_tengoku, _rikku_, _setsuna, __dirtystars__
Watched by:16: diosnohanayome, duo_girl, ioamozephyr, i_love_inuyasha, kamijo, kyou_kun, larkinite, mirror_image, moonheavenangel, naturegoddesski, oddish, rotten, seiyaryu, ukiya_yumi, utsukushii_sora, _setsuna
Account type:Early Adopter

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