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User:yet (72732)  

Trying to be everything to everyone...yet it is all just an act.

My name is Liv, and I am 21 years old. I am a college student with many years of schooling ahead (unfortunately). I am from Texas but attend school in another state. I have a special someone in my life, however due to circumstances we are unable to be together. We have known and loved each other for years though. I am hopeful that one day we will be able to finally be together.

Life is a God given gift. I am just trying to accept each day as a blessing.</b>

I have many aliases at different sites all over the internet. Maybe one day I will post them for people to see. Maybe...

[ Communities ] (--Own -Moderate)

oohrah --

Will have to list these later after I have gotten some sleep!

All graphics & layouts are my creations unless otherwise stated. You may not use any of my creations without asking permission. I don't mind helping others out if they ask. So do not take my designs unless you want me to make you miserable.

Interests:54: af, air force, animal planet, bible, camaro, camaros, cars, chaplain, chevrolet, chevys, christian, christianity, christians, church, college student, csi, department of defense, dogs, drummer, drums, drumset, eeyore, football, god, holy spirit, ibiskorea, jag, jesus, jesus christ, kansas city chiefs, kentucky, military, miniature pinschers, minister, ministry, minpin, minpins, neopets, officer, phillipines, pochacco, praise, praise and worship, robowan, san antonio, sanrio, tennessee, texas, trucks, turtles, website building, without a trace, women in the military, worship
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