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User:yanksgrl (127209)
Website:ECCENTRiC (under construction)
Location:Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
AOL IM:LIZZIEP16 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:lizziefromtheblock (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:Hey Hey ! ! !

Sorry, I'm a little hyper. Blame the Nerds, not me. Anyway, welcome to the typically trivial life of yours truly, Yanks Grl. Alias Lizzie. Blah blah blah. And no, I don't like in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Me 'n Em might move there someday 'cuz it sounds cool. Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi. Kind of like "lots of money". *plugs ears to ward of booing*. So, at the moment I am wondering what the heck you are doing here, reading this. But I guess that is the reason you chanced upon me, Yanks Grl, in the first place. Whatever.

So anyway, back to me. I sound like Giuliana. I like Harry Potter, the Yankees (duh!), AOL, Blurty, and movies. Oh yeah, and watching The "True Hollywood Stories" on E!. I don't have a best friend but I have a lot of really close friends. Katie, Kaitlin, Brittany, Amy, Jillian, etc. I am celiac (visit for info.) and I strongly hate CSA. Now I'm in trouble. But my mom agrees so it's all good. LOL.

However, my list of "dislikes" could last for hours and hours. But, alas, I don't have that stringent amount of time so here goes. I don't like soccer, spiders, rollercoasters, snobs, "pimps" (though I love the song P.I.M.P.), Anastacia (the singer, not the eyebrow waxer), people who use fonts like Curlz for an entire paper, short people, big feet (which I unfortunately possess) and a bunch of other stuff. Oh yeah, and the RED SOX AND METS!


Blah. Whatever. Sayonara.

Un momento, sil vous plait.


P.S. If you are ever in NYC, try the roma Market Cafe on 57th St. (I think) it has the BBBEEESSSTTT Triple Berry smoothie EVER!!! I <3 them (i had one while I was there. They're $3.75)
Interests:93: "how to deal", annoying my sister, aol, australia, award shows, bahamas, baseball, beating people up (jk!), beauty pageants, beethoven, biking, blurty, bmw, boys, bracelets, calendars, candy, cars, cds, chocolate, christina aguilera, clarinet, classical music, clubbing, code, colored scrollbars, dollz, dvds, e-mail, england, fall, food, france, french braids, frogs, frosted glass, getting dressed up, going to concerts, graphics, hawaii, html, i-pod, ireland, italy, javascript, josh groban, kali, laughing, lexus, live performances, makeup, making out, mandy moore, martinis, mary kate and ashley, mercedes-benz, miss congeniality, missy, more shopping, mozart, mp3s, music, nail polish, necklaces, new jersey, online quizzes, parties, piano, psp, psp 7, punk rock, reading, roller coaster tycoon, russia, sarah dessen, school, sleeping, snowboarding, spelling, spending other people's money, spring, summer, surfing, swimsuits, the sims, truly scrumptious, water skiing, websites, winter, writing, yahoo, yankees, ym magazine
Friends:20: andygurl534, anna, blinkie_freak, claim_a_phrase, claim_a_star, danielle, graphic_makers, icons_, icon_maniac, info__mee, just_a_joke, laxinitup, pinkxpanther, pr3ttifulawardz, romantically, simply_simpson, tainted_lay0uts, wannabe_celeb, yankee_qt, _marykate_
Member of:5: claim_a_phrase, icons_, just_a_joke, tainted_lay0uts, wannabe_celeb
Account type:Early Adopter

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