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User:xzotiic (20121)
Location:Fort Myers, Florida, United States
AOL IM:piink dreamz 01 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

all about me

My name is Sammie, I'm 15 yrs. old [ 16 in like.. a month ] n i live in Cape Coral, Florida. I'm a sophmore at cape high. it feels like i'm in jail whenever i get there so it sucks. hm.. i have brown hair n blue eyes n i'm short [ 5'1 ] but its all good - if ya wanna kno more just comment or IM me!

makes her

hott guys - makeup - lip gloss - best friends - parites - going to the movies - hangin out with mah baby lindsay - going to the beach

breaks her

backstabbers - liars - crying - throwing up - being sick - going to the doctors - dentist visits - braces - people who hate me and dont know me

stalk me

AIM = piink dreamz 01 or email me at ..

i'm a dork.

Interests:54: abercrombie, abs, aim, american eagle, ashton kutcher, babies, backgrounds, beach, best friends, bikinis, boyfriends, boys, candy, cell phones, chocolate, clothes, crushes, cuddling, cute cell phone covers, derek jeter, dorks, ducks, eminem, eyeliner, friends, hello kitty, hollister, homecoming, hugs, icons, journals, kisses, kissing, layouts, lip gloss, love, makeup, making out, monkeys, nelly, paul walker, pinki lili, pretty people, purses, rollercoasters, shane west, shoes, shopping, sleeping, stars, summer, tanning, weddings, working out
Friends:39: b0ng, babigrlsoozzie, bandanababe, banqin_princess, bounciin, cuttingthepain, deetz, duttyrock, fantasiiez, ftj, ghettohbootiie, hookups, huqz, lamoree, lemke, lilwifey, mamillustrious, minolo, mi_am0r, music_icons, nikidogg69, o1_sexy, platinum_shorty, preci0uz, pricanpryde, purdieful, purty_lady, rican_dyme, rockin_j_brown, shelly_belly, spicy_, stizar, teasuh, tragicpunk27, xbabi_kaitx, xbiitchx, xinvisibletears, _mezmerized_, _militant
Account type:Early Adopter

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