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Below is user information for Sasha. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xxxmeowxxx (644491)
Location:California, United States
Bio:i like kitties ... which is probably why i was attracted to my girlfriend of, going on 2 years, because her name is Kitty ... even though she secretly likes dogs more! >:P Oh well, I think i like dogs more than her too, cause shes mean. I'm 4'9" and shes 5'6" so she always picks on me because im so short. I stopped growing when i was 11. My nickname is Chiyo cause im like Chiyo-chan in azumanga daioh ... but much older. And Kitty is like Sakaki ... in the height department ... cause Kitty isnt cool, or athletic, unless DDR is now a workout ... it kind of is!
Interests:52: anime, anything that goes meow, asian girls, asian soaps, ataris, azumanga daioh, beach, biking, boys, buckles, cats, chains, chobits, christmas, computers, cosplay, cutie honey, ddr, diamonds, evanescence, final fantasy series, final fantasy x-2, finding nemo, girls, j-pop, kittens, kitties, knotts scary farm, monkeys, more j-pop, my little pony, nightmare before christmas, old records, parasite eve, pink, r rated movies, role playing games, romance, rpgs, shiny things, shopping, silver, simple plan, singing, snow boarding, swimming, tokyo, vodka, waterfalls, weed, writing, yellow card
Friends:2: bisexual, fantasiesofhope
Member of:1: bisexual
Account type:Free User

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