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Below is user information for ~*~*Sara*~*~. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xxturbomamaxx (596854)  
Location:Brew-lee, Louisiana, United States
AOL IM:Sara18269 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:My name is Sara!
But my gurl KiKi calls me "Turbo" cuz I dance the "Turbobooty" dance! lol (Its when I shake my ass really fast!) My homie 4 lyf is my roomate & bff Brandi! (She's a sweetiepie!)

My main squeeze is my "Sweetpotatoe" Matt!
(I luv u! *MUAH*)

^Anyways...back to me!^
Me & my gurls live in Taylor Hall (im gettin outta this hell hole REALLY soon! sorry gurls...I'mma keep u in my prayers! lol) We like to go out & get our party on! We Do It 4 Fun! Well thats about it I guess!
Interests:149: 50 cent, 5ive, alicia keys, amaretto sour, aol 9.0, babies, bacardi raspberry, bacardi silver, bars, bayou, beds, body icing, body shots, brandi, britney spears, budweiser, bull riding, camoflague, cds, cherry, cherry coke, chevy's, chips, christina augilera, clothes, computers, coors light, coors original, corona, cosmopolitans, cowboys, coyote ugly, credit cards, daddy day care, dancing, dancing elmos, diamonds, disney, dr. pepper, dream, drinking, ducks, dvds, eclipse, elmo, eminem, extra's, finding nemo, finger painting, football, fredricks of hollywood, friends, gin & juice, hair straightners, handcuffs, happy meals, hard fucks, hard rock cafe, hats, hawaii, home, hooters, hpnotiq, hugs, imesh, internet, jars of clay, jello shots, jessica simpson, jordan knight, kamikaze, kiki, kiki's lighter, kiki's smile, kindergarten, kisses, kitty cats, las vegas, laughing, lemonade, lilo & stitch, long island iced teas, lsu, madonna, makeup, making out, mall, mandy moore, margaritas, marlboro lights, matt, mcdonalds, mechanical bulls, medicine, mike's hard lemonade, money, monsters inc., movies, mudflap girls, mule's, music, naps, partying, pepperonis, phones, pictures, pina coladas, playboy, playboy bunny, popcorn, porn, puppy dogs, pure country, quizzes, reading, rodeos, rubber duckies, sex, shopping, showers, shrek, singing, skyy blue, slu, smiling, smirnoff triple black, smoking, smoothie king, spring break, sugar kisses, taco bell, tanning, tattoos, techno, teddybears, the buzz, thongs, tigger, titty titty titty, tonya's laugh, tonya's smile, traveling, trucks, turbobooty, vodka, waffle house, whipped cream, willa ford, wrangler booties
Friends:2: babbegurl8503, magikfairy
Friend of:1: magikfairy
Account type:Free User

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