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Below is user information for xX NoCtUrNeHaRLe Xx. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xxfumetsuxx (424904)
Name:xX NoCtUrNeHaRLe Xx
Location:Wilmingon, Delaware, United States
AOL IM:Xi bLuEScLueS iX (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:ºoO hey im maggie and im 14 and i go to mount pleasant high school.. i'm actually a complex person once you get past the hyperactive " bubbly " side of me.. and i am short, well that's what people tell me at least. but ill tell you that short is cool so go suck a cow.. lol. ANYWAYS.... i have a lot of friends and theyre all really cool.. lol..i like metal,industrial, alternative, techno like stuff ( if you like msi you know what im talking about )and emo and other shtuffs. im in 9th grade and i hate some of the dickheads in this world.. id take them, put them in a box, lock it, and throw it in the arctic circle MWAHAHA.. :: ahem :: i like tennis and feild hockey both of which i can take my anger out on things by hitting balls with things.. but field hockey is wow.. a great harcore intense time comsuming sport man. and if you don't bleieve that come see practices/scrimmages/games/INJURIES and you'll see. O_o lol.. hmm yeah i like playing video games also ( anyone could've told you that ) and i defend my views about how chrono cross is the BEST GAME EVER!!! WOO!! HARLE ROCKS. :: ahem :: and i'm also in love with the x-men movies ( and a lot of other x- men things ) especially NIGHTCRAWLER!!!!! EEK!!!! XD ^_^.. so yeah well this is getting pretty long so read my journal shiznit and have fun. lol cya Ooº
Interests:68: acrylic paint, animals, ankhs, art, beanies, billie joe armstrong, bracelets, brandon boyd, candles, candy, cds, chrono cross, clouds, ddr, drawing, evanescence, eyeliner, field hockey, fire, friends, fruit, gauged earrings, glitter, green day, hair dye, harle, heath ledger, hemp, hyperness, inscence, james eurine, jay gordon, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, jon davis, korn, listening to music, making hemp jewelry, msi, music, n64, neon colors, nightcralwer, nirvana, oil pastels, orgy, orlando bloom, pictures, ps2, rpgs, sharpies, skating, smoothies, snow, snowboarding, squee!, stars, staying up until 3, sugar, summer, the beach, the boardwalk, the moon, vegetarian, vice city, viggo morenstein, x-2, x-men
Friends:8: disneysbitch7, isis_rocks, kellysbitchin, midshaftgashsom, nowheretohide, seifershere13, xxfumetsuxx, xyourzerox
Friend of:9: daggergwyn88, disneysbitch7, isis_rocks, kellysbitchin, seifershere13, somsean, xnowheretohidex, xxfumetsuxx, xyourzerox
Account type:Free User

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