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Below is user information for the vagabond princess. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xxbisouxx (141495)
Name:the vagabond princess
Location:Irvine, California, United States

i have decided to rewrite my "info" section because over the last few months i have changed, and for the better, i hope. my name is mary, and i go by many nicknames including illadi and pookie. you may choose to call me any of those names if you so wish. yes, i live in the united states, my reality - ideally i'd live somewhere far away from this pseudo-democratic capitalist wreck of a country (oh boy, the CIA will never hire me now :P). a little on me, i'm of peruvian descent, and i speak 2.5 languages (including spanish, still workin' on that french). i'm taking on arabic as well, but i only know really simple things so that doesn't count. i am currently a first year in college, i will be starting my second this fall - how exciting! well, as soon i get out of community college, it will be.

anyway, cheers and all that, i love to meet new people, especially from different places. if you can take me away from here, even better :)
and hey, i'm not bitter. i am really quite funny and spastic! you just have to catch me in one of those moments (which, as you might think contrary, is very often).




alex - all right? :) love you tons girl.
eli - pookie has a new set of berbs! just kidding.
richard wilson - you don't know me, and you probably never will, but i love you! keep doing your thing :)
Memories:2 entries
Interests:150: advertising, all kinds of music, allah, amnesty international, angels, animals, art, art exhibitions, aterciopelados, audrey hepburn, being loved, bellydancing, ben harper, bohemia, bossa nova, breakfast, camping, coffee, coffee shops, coldplay, college, comfy bed, contemplating, counting crows, creating, crescent moons, daria, dave matthews band, david hockney, daydreaming, diversity, everlasting friendship, family, finding nemo, fiona apple, fish, fishing, flowers, flying, foo fighters, foreign places, freedom, french fries, frida kahlo, frou frou, gilmore girls, gir, go kings!, go lakers!, going out, going to the theatre, hablar espanol, hanging out, harry potter, henna, hookah, horseback riding, hot bubble baths, hot topic, human rights, igby goes down, india, indie, individuality, islam, jasmine, jazz, juanes, kieran culkin, kissing, languages, latin female novelists, latinos, laughing, learning, lee miller, life, lilo and stitch, liquido, loving, making a difference, making people happy, marxism, mediterranean architecture, mexican art and architecture, midori sours, modest mouse, monster's inc., morocco, mystery, nature, nelly furtado, new york times, open-mindedness, painting, passion, peace, penguins, peppermint tea, peru, philosophizing, photography, picnics in the park, pizza street, poetry, politics, prophecies, prozac, rain, rebelling, red pandas, richard wilson, roses, rosy cheeks, sailing, salsa dancing, scrubs, senor frogs, shakira, singing, sleeping, soul searching, spanish rock, spongebob squarepants, star gazing, sting and the police, straight edge, sunrises & sunsets, supergrass, sushi, teacup poodles, the 40s & 50s, the cinema, the claddagh, the dandy warhols, the emperor's new groove, the environment, thick black eyeliner, thrift stores, traveling, trying new things, tulips, uniqueness, vietnam war, vintage, watching cartoons, watching soccer, watching surfing, world religions, writing
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