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User:xx_eatyoursteak (479002)  
Name:Your Friend
Location:BC, Canada
AOL IM:xcaitsasackx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm Cait and I like doing fun things without you.
Interests:130: 7-eleven, a static lullaby, abnormality, afi, alcohol, alexisonfire, anthrax, art, bands, beating, being lazy, ben stiller, big screen tvs, billy talent, biscuits, biting, black, black eyeliner, bloody knuckles, brand new, buying stuff, cars, cartoons, cd burners, cheese, coloured socks, comedy, comics, complications, computers, csi, dares, dead animals, dinosaurs, dirt, drawings, dvds, emo, explosions, fake limbs, fantasy, finch, fire, food, freddy got fingered, funny people, games, gifts, goats, gone without a trace, green, groping, hand shakes, hand signs, hats, hillbillies, hitting, hugs, humor, internet, jurassic park, kicking, laptops, late night tv, lord of the rings, loud noises, mad tv, mcdonalds, metal, milkshakes, monster trucks, movies, mud, music, neon, night, office supplies, old school, patterns, piercings, pills, pins, pizza, pjs, playstation2, problems, quads, red, rock, rodents, rubber, sars, satellite, saturday night live, scars, screaming, shoes, simplicity, slippers, smart people, snowboarding, soft carpets, south park, space, spandex, sparta, spatulas, spuds, stores, stripes, stupidity, surround sound, swearing, t-shirts, tattoos, technology, television, the 80's, things that are digital, tight pants, tom green, true crime books, true crime shows, video games, wal-mart, war amps, wendy's, yelling, zippers, zoolander
Friends:1: x_lila
Account type:Free User

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