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User:xuntitledx (284310)
Location:Cambridge, United Kingdom


I am me and I know exactly who I am, what I am and the wrath that I bring.

Ugly x Beauty
Lying x Truth
Virgin x Whore

Eddy + Anni = ♥

Friends Only
Add me and I will add you back xx

Interests:150: , a fire inside, a perfect circle, a static lullaby, afi, anathema, angelina jolie, apoptygma berzerk, ashley olsen, atreyu, barbie, bass, beads, beauty, beauty fiends, bellybuttons, bettie page, biffy clyro, billy corgan, billy idol, black, blasphemous girls, blasphemy, blood, blythe, blythe dolls, body modification, boys night out, bracelets, bright red screams, britney spears, cambridge, christian, christina aguilera, clear hearts, columbine, corsets, crayons, crying, cutting, daisy chainsaw, danzig, darkwell, defenestration, dillinger escape plan, drain sth, dread falls, dylan klebold, elijah wood, eric harris, ewan mc gregor, factory 81, fairies, fairy wings, fairytales, fake eyebrows, fake hair, fear of dying, films, freedom, frodo, from autumn to ashes, funeral for a friend, gigs, glam, glassjaw, glitter, grey flowers, hardcore, harpies, heartsick, hello kitty, hopesfall, hot topic, hugs, in flames, jack off jill, jessicka fodera, josh hartnett, judy garland, kittie, kmfdm, lacuna coil, legolas, letters, lollipops, lord of the rings, make-believe, make-up, marilyn monroe, mary-kate olsen, ministry, moulin rouge, murderdolls, my ruin, nicole kidman, old hollywood, opeth, orlando bloom, piercings, pink, plectrums, poison the well, powerpuff girls, pretty girls make graves, protests, queen adreena, ragdolls, rasputina, razorblades, reb and vodka, sabrina the teenage witch, satine, saves the day, scarification, scars, self harm, serial killers, sex, sex and the city, shirley temple, skinny puppy, smashing pumpkins, snake river conspiracy, sparkles, sparkling diamonds, spikes, stars, stockings, strawberry gashes, stretch arm strong, stripy tights, strung out, suicide, synthetic hair, tairrie b, the hope conspiracy, the rainbow fish, the virgin suicides, thrice, thursday, tinkerbell, tobey torres, tool, top hats, veruca salt, vnv nation, waterdown, whores, winnie the pooh
Friends:2: xscreamox, xuntitledx
Friend of:2: xuntitledx, xx_lostinli3s
Account type:Free User

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