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Below is user information for Nicole. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xthecheshirecat (850713)
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fuck off.

Memories:9 entries
Interests:117: 80s teen movies, activism, alcohol, alternative, ambitions, andy warhol, architecture, azure ray, backside flips, bass, berlin, black market, body modifications, burts bees, chick flicks, chillout sessions, chumscrubber, chunky shoes, concerts, courage my love, cousins, dancing, dazed and confused, death or glory, denial, detroit rock city, distillery district, downtown toronto, drums, duct tape, ecstacy, elliot smith, enlightenment, epiphanes, euphamisms, exile, facebook, fakie flips, flashy colours, flip flops, food, foreign films, freedom, glue guns, graffiti, green tea, grunge, heart to hearts, horror movies, kensington market, knowledge, literature, loitering, lounging, memories, music, my middle finger, nail polish, new york, nofx, office supplies, old photos, old statues, paintings, pictures, politics, pretty persuasions, pro con, queen st, rhcp, road trips, runnymede station, saigon sisters, sarcasm, scrubs, secrets, sexy columbians, shiny toy guns, shoes, shopping, shows, sincerity, ska, skanking, skin, socks, speed dial, spontanaeity, states of euphoria, steve vai, strange designs, subways, suck it, techno, telling people off, thatrestaurantwiththedirtyceiling, the crew, the faint, the offspring, the ugly, thealleywaytostardom, theperpetualloveofmylife, thescentofcigarettesonclothing, thinking, thumbsucker, tiger army, tool, tranquility, turtles, umbrellas, unhealthy obsessions, vegetarianism, vii, wild parties, yorkies, youth, zippers
Friends:9: do_it_for_jesus, evalin, fuckyou, jfrazthespaz, kaeldra, lawnmowers, oh_comely, oh_how_cliche, plumsky
Friend of:22: bc_shoeface, do_it_for_jesus, emilybobemily, ewan_ko_nga_ba, fuckmepumps, glitter_core, heartcorexjimmy, hotactionlukas, i_love_sporks, jfrazthespaz, kaeldra, lawnmowers, luluthesexbomb, magicaldinosaur, myfriendcass, notso_beautiful, oh_comely, plumsky, rancideyes, robotic_whore, stevethemonkey, x__heartache
Member of:1: fuckyou
Account type:Free User

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