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Below is user information for angelica. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xsuiciderejectx (794394)  
Location:Canby, Oregon, United States
AOL IM:gothicstarling69 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Habit: distroying self image and having a low self esteem.
Comfort: writing poetry about dying and committing suicide

Favorite bands: As Cities Burn, Lostprophets, Guttermouth, The Vandals, Thursday, Thrice, Mest, MxPx, Bright Eyes, Taking Back Sunday, Emery, NFG, and much, much more.

credit to staple for the banner\header.
Interests:148: acoustic songs, adam sandler, alkaline trio, all things rock, alternative press, american hi-fi, amy lee, anberlin, autopilot off, bam margera, bass players, benji, benji's eyeliner, benji's piercings, benji's pink poof, benji's tattoos, blink 182, bondage, bowling for soup, boxcar racer, boys, boys night out, bracelets, brand new, bunnies, care bears, cheer bear, chokers, chubby boy fetish, chubby boys, coheed and cambria, costumes, count chocula, cutting, cyrus, diet dr. pepper, diet mt. dew, east coast, emery, emo, eve 6, eyeliner, eyeliner tears, fall out boy, family guy, fanfics, fat mike, fauxhawks, fire, frappuchinos, funeral for a friend, fusebands, good charlotte, gorditas, grind, guys in eyeliner, guys in tight pants, guys with guitars, hair dye, halfkast, halloween, hidden in plain view, hockey, home grown, i love the 80s, industrial music, jack skellington, jade, jawbreakers, jesse james, jessicka, jordan pundik, kelly, kelly osbourne, kill hannah, level 27, liberty spikes, linkin park, lip rings, lock necklaces, locks, lola ray, lovatos, made, madison, making out, manic depression, marko 72, maroon 5, matchbook romance, meeting people in bands, mest, mike ness, mohawks, moneen, motion city soundtrack, music, mxpx, my chemical romance, my little pony, myrtle beach, new found glory, nfg dvd, northstar bar, nose rings, offspring, old school benji, old school good charlotte, photography, piercings, pigs, pink fingernail polish, pink hair dye, plaid, plain white t's, pop punk punk, rock, rx bandits, sarcasm, screamo, senses fail, silverstein, skateboarding, skittles, slash, sleep, smile empty soul, snowboarding, something corporate, story of the year, sugarcult, taking pictures, tattoos, the all american rejects, the ataris, the beautiful mistake, the early november, the killers, the motivation proclamation video, the movielife, the nightmare before christmas, the used, tony lovato, vanilla frappuchinos, vans, viva la bam, warped tour, yuri
Friends:2: bound_n_crying, ctrlaltdelcine
Friend of:1: bound_n_crying
Account type:Free User

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