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Below is user information for Boo!. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xsteffynessx (348534)
Bio:I am Stephanie: who counts tiles on the ceiling ,plays air guitar, experiences weekly heartbreaks,never misses an episode of jackass, has late night phone conversations with myself, smiles but mostly fakes it, cries and always means it, worships emo ,eats to much, thinks to little, despises frequent hot topic buyers,laughs at her reflection,punches stuffed animals, spends way too much time on the internet, hates movies with happy endings, enjoys watching lava lamps, skateboards but sucks at it,double knotts her shoe laces,sleeps with her eyes open,cnstantly referred to as freeloader, never needed,never wanted,lacks feminine qualites......never considered Optimist.
Interests:85: 84 honda hatchbacks, a static lullaby, alligators, anti-flag, appleseed cast, armor for sleep, asphault, autumn, banjos, bass, black flag, brandon leonard, breaking pangea, brian sumner, bright eyes, chaos, checkers, christmas trees, cinnamon, coner oberst, cotton candy, crazy straws, criteria, death cab for cutie, desaparecidos, emo glasses, flip, geoff rickley, glassjaw, hallmark, kite flying society, lava lamps, mardi gra, matchbook romance, morissey, mullets, my chemical romance, name taken, night time, offset, old school vans, oswald, pancakes, pedro the lion, piebald, pirates of the carribbean, poems, pretty girls make graves, queen, rain, reindeers, saves the day, senses fail, sid vicious, skateboards, snapple, socks, split decision, stars, sugar, sunkist, taking back sunday, tears, the clash, the cure, the distillers, the drive home, the haunted house, the julianna theory, the lawrence arms, the lyndsay diaries, the mars volta, the oval portrait, the promise ring, the smiths, thunder, thursday, tiger army, time spent driving, tsunami bomb, volcom, winter, yamukahs, yellow roses, yellowcard
Friends:6: dripdrip, emopunkstar, lookinforme, shiftyeyes, xapathyx, xnerdcorex
Friend of:4: dripdrip, lookinforme, xnerdcorex, youngand_inlove
Account type:Free User

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