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User:xstainedxwingsx (679810)
Name:-[x]- I'm chasing blue sky -[x]-
Location:United Kingdom
About Me
name - nina
aka - neen, ninana, amy
sex - female
loc - uk
dob - 26`10
starsiqn - scorpio
stats - single, not looking
crush - james hetfield, julian mcmahon and hbk
looks - black hair w/ blue/green eyes
height - 5'6
weight - 7 st 9
pets - 1 black cat
siblinqs - two big bros
hobs - wicca, buffy, dark angel, charmed, er, rich girls, wwe, rock music, going to gigs
dislikes - spiders, injections, aliens lol, people, dentists

Facts About Me
i'm my own person
i'm 1/4 dutch
i'm obsessed with undertaker, shawn michaels and chris jericho from wwe, amy lee, james hetfield and x-tina aguilera
i like to listen to loud music
i like to read/write fanfiction
i have big crushes on noah wyle, undertaker, shawn michaels, chris jericho, jame hetfield and julian mcmahon

My Fave
color - red, black and white
sinqer/star - amy lee
food - kfc
drink - cherry 7up, vanilla coke and a vanilla cream frappachino from starbucks
scent - vanilla
sonq/s - evanescence - my immortal/haunted, metallica - the unnamed feeling/escape, chris cornell - fluttergirl, totd - hunger strike/times of trouble
album/s - evanescence - fallen, xtina - stripped any metallica album, chris cornell - euphoria morning, temple of the dog
programme - buffy dark angel er charmed wwe
movie - waterboy, lara croft: tomb raider, lara croft tomb raider: the cradle of life
animal - wolf
sport - nhl and wwe but the latter's really entertainment
shoes - my camoflauge style stileto things
shop - new look, kfc and hmv
country - cyprus n usa
actress - sarah michelle gellar, angelina jolie
actor - noah wyle, julian mcmahon

Hit Dirt
Shake Tree
Split Sky
Part Sea
Strip Smile
Lose Cool
Bleed the day
Break the Rule
Live to Win
Dare to Fail
Eat the Dirt
Bite the Nail
....Then make me miss You

Metallica//Carpe Diem Baby
Interests:150: 12stones, alice in chains, amy lee, angelina jolie, arkansas, art, audioslave, black, black hair, black roses, blue eyes, breezes, broken wings, buffy the vampire slayer, burberry, canada, charmed, chris cornell, chris jericho, christina aguilera, clothes, cold, cool breeze, creed, crimson regret, crimson tears, dark, dark art, dave grohl, dawn, day dreaming, designing, die another day, dirrty, dreaming, eddie vedder, emoetry, emporio armani, evanescence, fairies, fanfiction, fate, feelings, finger11, fire, flames, foo fighters, food, free, free will, ghosts, givenchy irresistable, good charlotte, grunge, guns and roses, hair dye, heavy metal, hold on, ice, incubus, jack black, james hetfield, jean paul gaultier, jerry cantrell, julian mcmahon, kfc, lay ins, living dead dolls, loud music, loving me 4 me, low man's lyric, make over, malice, marilyn manson, mars volta, meaningful lyrics, memories, metallica, michelle branch, midnight, movies, muses, music, new jersey devils, new look, new york, nhl, nighttime, nip/tuck, no doubt, noah wyle, numb, on my own, our lady peace, passion, pearl jam, photography, pierce brosnan, piercings, playboy, poetry, probot, puddle of mudd, punky fish, queensryche, rain, red, red roses, rich girls, rock, rock concerts, sarah michelle gellar, scooby doo, scream 2, shawn michaels, simply irresistible, singing, sleeping, snow, soundgarden, stone sour, sun, sunset, tattoes, temple of the dog, texas, the distillers, the osbournes, the scorpion king, the voice within, thrash metal, tigger, tomb raider, tommy hillfiger, tool, trish stratus, tv, type o negative, undertaker, vanilla, vanilla coke, waterboy, white, wicca, wildboys, wind, wings, wolves, wwe, wwe divas
Friends:6: makexover, mourningstarr, silentxlucidity, slavetoraven, theoutsidaz, _brokenxangel
Friend of:4: makexover, mrsackles, theoutsidaz, _brokenxangel
Account type:Free User

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