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Below is user information for XbUtChKiNzX. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xspeghetti0sx (203475)
Location:New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:yesac8987 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:yesac8987 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:{HaNdLe} [ SeX} [ YeS pLz Jk GiRlIe ]

{0ccupati0n} [HHW -n- Fr0sty bitez ]

{l0cati0n} [ DiRtY NeW JeRsEy ]

{StAtz} [d0nt CrUsH tHe HeArT thAT BlEeDs tAkE mE aT mY w0rD, It mAy s0und aBsUrD bUt I wAnT y0u ]

{q0ute} [ g0d d0esnt give us nething we cant handle i just wish he didnt trust me s0 much ~ m0ther teresa ]
Interests:147: aaliyah, abercrombie, adam sandler, alicia keys, amellarrieux, ataris, avril lavigne, b2k, baby blue, beach, best friends, betty boop, big daddy, billy madison, blow pops, blue eyes, boyfriends, boys, britney spears, broadway, bubbles, cameron diaz, camping, center stage, chris farley, cinderella, clubs, coffee, cologne, comedy central, cookie dough, coolatas, cotton candy, coyote ugly, cruises, cupcakes, dairy queen, dancing, dane cook, dashboard confessional, delia*s, diamonds, dismissed, disney movies, dr pepper, drama club, dreams, drop dead gorgeous, dunkin donuts, eclipses, eminem, evan taubenfeld, family, ferris bueller's day off, flirting, flowers, football, friendships, glitter, gum, happy gilmore, having fun, hello kitty, hotties, hugs, i love lucy, ja rule, jack daniels, jack osbourne, jacuzzis, jesus lol, julia roberts, justin berfield, justin timberlake, kfc, kickboxing, kisses, lip gloss, love, madonna, mandy moore, marilyn monroe, me, mike's hard lemonade, mini golf, mirrors, monopoly, moons, moulin rouge, mtv, musicals, mustangs, my best friend's wedding, natalie cole, nelly, new found glory, new york, nice people, nsync, ocean breezes, p. diddy, partying, pick-up lines, pink, pixie stix, pizza hut, poetry, preppy stuff, real world, ricki lake, roller coasters, ryan phillippe, save ferris, school, scrunched hair, shakira, shopping, singing, skirts, smiling, snl, soccer, south park, sparkles, spongebob, spring, starbucks, stars, strawberries, strawberry kiwi, sugar, sugarcult, summer, sunny days, sunsets, taco bell, tanning, tennis, the boardwalk, the brave little toaster, the osbournes, the waterboy, tongue rings, west side story, wet seal, wildwood, will & grace
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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