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User:xpyropryncessx (244726)
Location:Wind Lake, Wisconsin, United States
AOL IM:SpRiNkLeSupRStr (Add Buddy, Send Message)
My name is Courtnee. I have no clue what it means. My nicknames are Spiffinator, #1 Brat, Court, #1 Dork, n Courtifious. I'm 14 n was born on April 17th, 1989. I have two annoying and nosy parents, Bob and Jackie. My brother, Robby, is very annoying. He is 12, and he has the best jokes when you need to give sombody a good comeback. I am unique. In all my yearbooks, at least 3 people have written that I am one of the most unique person they have ever met. I am really dorky, but almost always happy. I am obsessed with boys, espcially Riley Smith. Damn is that man hott. I am also obsessed with the dude who plays Oliver Wood on Harry Potter. yeah... i told you im dorky.

I have shortish blonde hair and green eyes. Im 5'7" and weigh around 130 pounds. I usually shop at Anchor Blue, Wet Seal, Pacific Sun, Walmart(hehe), or yes, er, American Eagle. I wear a size 5 in juniors jeans. If you ever see me, i'll most likely be wearing low rider jeans and tank tops. I hardly ever wear skirts unless i'm out to impress because i hate my legs. They are too long and too skinny at the ankles but then, va-loomp, huge at the thighs. Name brands dont matter much to me anymore. I just go for what i like. My shoes are always these chunky ass heel boots in brown or black, or sandels once in a while. I like styles of clothes that i could never get away with ie, skater clothes. The baggy pants, rock concert tees, beanie hats, you name it. i love it all.

Let's see. My personality can probably be described as unique. I'm very weird. But I'm pretty much nice to everyone, funny, and very dorky. I'm pretty energetic too. I'm almost always hyper unless im extremely tired.

I'm religious to a point. I am a Catholic. I believe in God and all that good stuff, but i don't go to church. at all. i don't believe not going to church is such a bad thing. You can still worship God either way. I'm not a religious person, and I personally hate it when people talk about it at school. So thats pretty much why i dont go to church. I really hate when people who say they're christians say "dont cuss in front of me because i'm christian" and then they go off and steal shit or whatever.

Friends are really important to me. I have a few best friends. Their names are Jamie Costigan, Ashley Swan, Brooke Sawyer, Brittany Reinders and Shannon Arbinger. They're all really awesome and i love em to death. In alot of ways they're just basically my sisters. I'd trust them with my life. Jamies personality is sweet and shy at first, but once you get to know her, shes CRAZY and alot like me! Ashley is a lot like that too, minus the shy part. Then theres Brooke. She's so sweet! I swear to god, sometimes i seriously think she's like my long lost sister or something. We have the almost exact same interests as me, cept she likes The White Stripes on the radio and i like em on the TV lol. She really listens and is the kind of person you can talk to about important things and just KNOW she wont tell anybody. Then there's Britt n Shan. Oh geez. I've been friends with them for so long i sometimes think i dont appreciate them as much as i should but you guys know i do! i APPRECIATE you! lol but overall, they're the coolest girls one could ever meet.

I have a few people who I dont like, but I only have 2 sworn enemys. The number one person that i cannot stand under ANY circumstances is Andrea Klumb. She is a nice gurl turned whore. We used to be friends this year, but then she turned whore aka giving kevin head, fucking anything that would put it in her(lol), and doing other "ho activities" with her two new friends that dont even go to our school. So in other words, Andrea is pretty much the only person on this Earth that i absoultely depise. Next would be Justin Hoyt. If its one boy I truely hated, it's definitely him. Lets just say, if he died, I doubt I'd miss him much. He's arrogant, rude, and thinks he's God's gift to the world.

This is someone that obviously no one likes: She's a wannabe prep and has the highest forehead known to mankind. She is always complaining about how she used to be best friends with people who really hated her in the long run. Plus, she thinks shes hot, and shes always trying to get somebody to listen to her complain.

RILEY SMITH. SHANE WEST. CAREY HART. friends. Boys. family. clothes. rock. getting emails. long g-book entries. my cousin Jamie(<3 ya cuz!). my computer. the skating rink. the movies. swimming at river bend. taking pictures. flipping off cameras(lol spambehr). Scarlet, Gold, light blue, silver. Black. talking on aim. being in "love" (lmao shan you know what im talking about!). Matt. being immature. pissing off people i dont like. talking. flirting. the disney channel. Myrtle Beach's boardwalk. Aquariums. Punk. Ashleys pink buckle shirt. dressing up. Budster(haha). Venice Beach, Fl. my scarlet silk pillow. my preschool buddies. muskegos junior varsity cheerleader uniforms. VW bugs.

liars. backstabbers. being sick. when i put i'm "busy" and people IM me anyways. commercials during a good movie/show. people who pretend to do drugs/smoke/drink to fit in. the snobs at CMH. people who dye their hair platinum blonde and let the ugly roots show. Andrea. Justin. bulldog odor(lol spambehr). homework. when big headed people sit in front of me at the movies. the color brown. boys who act like asses in front their friends. gym class. Hermione Granger.

More Dislikes: hypocrites, stupid people, annoying people, people who think they're funny when they're not, mean/rude people, homework, tests, mean teachers, boredom, not having any money, being sad, creed, dave matthews band, mosquito bites, sharks, spiders/bugs in general, being put on hold on the phone, being cold, being too hot, annoying little kids, death, funerals, aol, failing, stalkers, losing stuff, my dad, teenyboppers, when my computer freezes, math, cats, cold showers, people who IM you & ask you who you are, certain people, stds, boy "bands", sunburns, awkward situations, crying, people who don't shower, dilemmas, when nasty older guys hit on younger girls, forgetting what I was gonna say/do, people who can't mind their own business, overachievers, people who can't take a hint, people who copy you.

In music, I love Rock. Rap is ok. The only "pop" i like is Britney Spears and thats like 2 songs lol come on! imaa slaaaave 4 yoooo lol. the music i like is:

Linkin Park. Sugarcult. Sum41. Smile Empty Soul. AAR. All Thats Left. Chevelle. Avril Lavigne. The Ataris. SoCo. Juliana Theory. Fiction Plane. South Fm. Three Days Grace. The Starting Line. Yellowcard. Futher Seems Forever. GC. MxPx. Midtown. White Stripes. No doubt. Jimmy Eat World. Evanescence. Finch. Cold. No Use For A Name. 50 Cent. Ja Rule. Hometown Hero. Sean Paul. Reliant K. Puddle of Mudd. Blink 182. Korn. Godsmack. Jennifer Lopez. Weezer. New Found Glory. Nelly. Ashanti.
Interests:122: a walk to remember, a&f, aeropostale, aim, alloy, band tee shirts, bands in general, bath & body works, billabong, blue crush, boys, bubble gum, bunnies, candles, candy, carnivals, cell phones, chillin, concerts, cookie dough, crazy/beautiful, dancing, daria, daydreaming, delias, ditzy movies, dreams, drive thru records, e-mails, eggnog, eminem, emo, enough, eyeshadow, flip flops, fried dough, friends, funny movies, gel pens, gilmore girls, ginger ale, girl interupted, glitter, glow sticks, going online, goldfish crackers, good bands, good books, good days, hawaii, heavy metal, henna tattoos, hurley, ice cream, in a heartbeat, inside jokes, journals, kissing, kittens, laughing, legally blonde, lip gloss, love, magazines, malls, mcdonalds, memories, mixed cds, money, mountain dew, mp3s, mtv2, my friends, night, pacsun, partying, peircings, penguins, perfume, photos, pizza, play-dough, pools, posters, punk, puppies, rice krispes treats, rock, roller coasters, roxy, salons, sarcasm, shoes, shopping, silver jewelry, ska, skateparks, sleeping, sleepovers, snowboarding, some rap, sorority life, sour patch kids, starbursts, storms, string bikinis, sunsets, sweet valley, swimming, talk shows, tennis, the beach, the yankees, thongs, thunder, vanilla milkshakes, vans shoes, warped tour, waterparks, weathervane, weekends, wet seal
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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