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Below is user information for Nyara <3. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xpurplexguitarx (375742)
Name:Nyara <3
Location:Burlingame, California, United States
AOL IM:BlooDySpINNER666 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

, . : ` * ~Name~ * ` : . ,
Nyara 'Spinner' Mason

, . : ` * ~Genitalia~ * ` : . ,

, . : ` * ~Located In~ * ` : . ,
burlingame california, soon to be a FLFL REP!!! *awwww yeaaaahhhh*

, . : ` * ~Likes~ * ` : . ,
everything listed below, including FORT LAUDERDALE, guitar, guys, sex, money, shopping, ALL THAT GOOD STUFF....

, . : ` * ~Dislikes~ * ` : . ,
uhhh...being broke, not living with jazzy jason and scott, looking bad, irriating people that say HUGE NEGATIVE, and a LOT of other stuff.. (yeah im bad like that)

go join the greatest community...EVER

do so by clicking on the lovley names of
Interests:137: 80s music, abram, alcohol, allison robertson, angels, armani, bam margera, beaches, belts, billy idol, black lace, black roses, bondage, boots, boys, braclets, brett anderson, brownies, buckles, bunnies, cadillacs, california, carrots, carson kressley, cherries, chinchillas, chips, chocolate, chokers, cky, condoms, convertables, corsets, culinary, d&g, daria, dark fairys, dark poetry, degrassi, degrassi: the next generation, diamonds, dildos, drums, earings, emeril lagasse, england, escalades, eyeliner, fashion, fender, fire, florida, flowers, fort lauderdale, garage rock, gucci, guitar boys, guitars, hair color, heartagram, her, her evil royalty, him, his infernal majesty, hugs, jack white, jackass, jazzy, joey jordison, johnny depp, kiss, kisses, kitties, las vegas, lighters, lolly pops, long coats, lynyrd skynyrd, makeup, masturbation, maya ford, miami, money, movies, murderdolls, music, mustangs, mystery, nachos, nail polish, necklaces, palm trees, phones, piercings, pillows, prada, pretty in pink, public transportation, purple, red roses, rings, road rules, ryan dunn, sahara hotnights, salsa, san francisco, santa cruz, scarborough, scotland, sex, shane kippel, shoes, showerheads, smoothies, socks, sparkles, spinner, staring at people, stars, strawberrys, stuffed animals, sugar, surfing, swimming, tacos, tattoos, the donnas, the hilton sisters, the lanes, tiaras, torry castellano, tounge rings, trent, victorias secret, ville valo, weddings, whitestripes
Friends:10: innocent_doll, mansonsacrfice, mistress1313, pleasurepoint, santacruzboi, stoned_bunni, tainted_kittie, twiggyobsession, xperfect_scarsx, _plastiquelips
Friend of:11: innocent_doll, mansonsacrfice, mistress1313, pleasurepoint, santacruzboi, stoned_bunni, tainted_kittie, twiggyobsession, xperfect_scarsx, _plastiquelips, _starbuxman_
Member of:2: garage_rock, jazzy_and_nyara
Account type:Free User

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