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Below is user information for kitty. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xplaydeadgrrrlx (619232)
Bio:★☆Ði$tIlLëÐ bLoOd☆★

awrite here my names kitty n im one of those wierd kids who likes old music n hyper stuff

fave bands are le tigre ,bikinikill ,bjork(even tho shes not really a band but anyway i still ove her ,babes in toyland ,tsunami bomb ,misfits ,afi , spooks ,veruca salt ,etc etc etc

i like: dancing ,listning to muzik,shopping ,50`s cloths ,maralon monroe ,pink stuff ,black stuff ,glitter ,boys , punk stuff ,alkaholic beverages , chips n cheese ,cheese, pizza ,cats ,having a good time ,doing head stands , ice skating,sliding acros my bathroom on a skateboard ,beau brady ,baywatch hawai, riot grrl music ,cute boys ,big specky sexy glasses ,reading commics ,attacing my kitty ,talking to my inner child ,shoes ,sniffing shoes ,waxing off ppls pubes and causing pain hahaha , clydeside ,expressing myself ,frappichinos (peach and mango from starbuks) twinkle pops ,cheezy poofs ,candles , anime or manga , final fantasy ,harry potter ,big fuk off hair clips ,gill suiter ,anything that involves imagination and fantasy and dreams ,astrology (scorpio) and shit loads more including nice fukny ass boys!!
Interests:54: 50`s cloths, afi, alkahal, anime, babes in toyland, barbie, baywatch, beau brady, big sexy specks, bikni kill, bjork, black stuff, boys, candles, cats, cheeze, cheezy poofs, clydeside, commics, cute boys, dancing, dreams, fantasy, fishsticks, frappachinos, frostyjacks, gill suiter, glitter, harry potter, hats, head stands, hot guys, ice skating, immagination, inner child, kittens, le tigre, manga, maralin monroe, misfits, nails, pink stuff, punk stuff, random comments, riot grrl music, scorpio, shoes, shopping, sleater kinney, spooks, tsunami bomb, twinkle pops, verucca salt, waxing.
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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