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Below is user information for Melancholy Me. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xpandorax (585993)
Name:Melancholy Me
Bio:Die young and save yourself.
Interests:150: 1984, 4 leaf clovers, 7-11, 80's music, alice in wonderland, amsterdam, andy warhol, animal house, argyle socks, audrey hepburn, austria, beck, bjork, bob barker, bob marley, bob the builder, boyz, british accents, bubble baths, caddyshack, candles, candyland, care bears, carrots, cemeteries, charlie brown, cherry garcia icecream, chopsticks, chris farley, christina ricci, christmas lights, chronicles of narnia, coldplay, cookie dough, dancing in the rain, david bowie, david spade, disney movies, dolphins, dreadlock rasta, dreidels, drummers, easter bunny, elephants, everybody loves raymond, faeries, fluffy white towels, fortune cookies, fraggles, gatorade, ghetto hotels, golden girls, green eyes, gwen stefani, harry potter, hibachi steakhouse, homestarrunner, hot pink nail polish, hugs, i love lucy, ihop, incense, intimacy, irish pride, johnny depp, killer tofu, kilts, kisses, late night conversations, lawn decorations, lifetime movies, light bulbs, lord of the rings, loser pride, love, marilyn monroe, martha stewart, mary poppins, memoirs of a geisha, mirrors, moby, monopoly, moon, mr. clean, mr. rogers, mr. t, nerds, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, norm, old people, old school nintendo, olive garden, orange crayons, orangutans, ouija boards, pandas, periwinkle, philosophy, photography, piano, pillow fights, pink floyd, plaid, plastic pink flamingos, playgrounds, poetry, pop rocks, pride and prejudice, psychology, rain, richard simmons, rio grande, rose petals, rubix cubes, running, seashells, snow, sparkly stuff, spice girls, spinning in circles, spontaneousness, sporks, stanley kubrick, stars, storms, strawberry shortcake, sumo wrestling, sweden, tchaikovsky, tenacious d, the 20's, the doors, the juliana theory, the legend of zelda, the princess bride, thursday, tiaras, tim burton, tokyo, trogdor, unicorns, wal*mart, warm sheets, weezer, willy wonka, windmills, world domination, yoda, zoolander
Friends:4: attackofthenerd, impunkdout, wicked1, ylong04
Friend of:4: attackofthenerd, impunkdout, wicked1, ylong04
Account type:Free User

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