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User:xoxsugarbebexox (105240)  
Name:Bloody Pirate
AOL IM:DanceDiva 289 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Bloody Pirate

Hey! I'm Breann, but all my friends call me Bre.My birthday is November 28th! I live in South Carolina, home of the Gamecocks, even though i go for Minnesota Vikings somtimes. I started a journal over the summer because i thought i was going to be bored all day long! Now i've got a layout, nice userinfo, and i know how to do a little extra stuff! My summer job stinks, I'm a babysitter. It pays pretty good money though.I'm still in school...yuck. I'm single. I love to clog(which is a type of dance, like tapp but alot harder and faster, and more jazz is in our dances). I'm on the energy team, which is the highest team you can go. My journal is open to everyone, i usually add anyone who wants to be added, usually.

I have a darkish purplish red hair. I have hazel eyes. I wear glasses most the time. I'm about 5'6.I'm not skinny nor fat, im medium. ;)

I am the mantainer of depp_fans , come join.

I'd like to thank grief for helping me with my layout.

I'd also like to thank yo_rockmysocks for helping me with my userinfo!


12 Stones + 3 Doors Down + 30 Second to Mars + AC/DC + Ace Trouble Shooter + AFI + Alien Ant Farm + Alkaline Trio + All American Rejects + Allister + American Hi-Fi + Anti-Flag + The Ataris + Audioslave + Audiovent + Barenaked Ladies + Blink 182 + Bjork + The Calling + The Casualties + Chevelle + The Clash + Cold + Coldplay + Creed + Dashboard Confessional + Deftones + Disturbed + Die Trying + The Donnas + Earshot + Element 101 + Evanescence + Eve 6 + Everclear + Finch + Foo Fighters + From Autumn To Ashes + Glassjaw + Godsmack + Goldfinger + Goo Goo Dolls + Gorillaz + Greenday + Hoobastank + Hot Hot Heat + Incubus + Jack off Jill + Jimmy Eat World + Kelly Osbourne + Linkin Park + Marilyn Manson + Mest + Michael Jackson + The Misfits + Mudvayne + New Found Glory + Nickelback + Nine Inch Nails + Nirvana + No Doubt + NOFX + Offspring + Our Lady Peace + P.O.D + Powerman 5000 + Queens of the Stone Age + Radiohead + The Ramones + Rancid + Red Hot Chili Peppers + The Roots + Rx Bandits + Saliva + Seether + Sex Pistols + Silverchair + Simple plan +Smile Empty Soul+ The Smiths + Soulfly + Stereo Fuse + The Strokes + Sublime + Sugarcult + Sum 41 + System of a Down + Taking Back Sunday + Taproot + Thicke + Third Eye Blind +Three Days Grace+ Thrice + Thursday + Tool + Train + Trapt + The Used + The Vandals + The Vines + Wakefield + Weezer + The White Stripes + Zeromancer

My Likes

music + Pirates of the Caribbean + Orlando Bloom + Captain Jack Sparrow + Johnny Depp + blurty + surveys + taking pictures + clogging + going to the mall + hot topic + pac sun + long hair + skateboards + hats + shaggy hair + black + red + dark blue + piercings + tattoos + rock + ed edd & eddy + spongebob + eyeliner + men that wear eyeliner + bands + guitar + pirates + swimming + AIM + icons + theme parks + fairs + florida + rollercoasters + carowinds + boys + shopping + spikes + dogs + cats + beach + strawberries + chocolate chip cookie dough + water + lemon-lime powerade + olive garden + quizzes + horror + thrillers + dude wheres me car + madprofile + screen names + thunder + lightning + rain + thunderstorms + wind + tanning + CD's + Walmart + presents + my birthday + ghost ship + christmas + claire's + bracelets + money + cotton candy + cookies n cream + ice + competition + sleepovers + the ring + final destiontion + eddy murphy + rock + layouts + evanescence + needles + inside jokes + bullshit + poker + mancala + blackjack + alley cat + frogs + italian + mexican food + chinese food + japenese food + marilyn manson + abs

My Dislikes rap + yellow teeth + labels + judgeing + geography + b.o + smelly people + dandruff + ticks + flees + liers + german food + avril lavgine + people who obess over hating avril + the mf word + purple + pimples + heartache + depression + posers + cleaning house + funerals + death + ren and stimpy + mustard + people who wRyTe LiK dIz + rashes + pork + doctor + exams + pop music + J-Lo + mcdonalds + homework + cramps + crying babies + long lines + people who walk slow in the halls + small books + stuck up people + rich kids + most mexicans + subway + anything that stings + people who never update their journal + men/boys with really big muscles

Stab Me or

IM:blackenedsky00 or Drknessgathrs09

Visit my homepage at and sign the guestbook

Just Comment in my journal

Claims I claimed Chester from Linkin Park in claimavocalist. I claimed the word Jellyfucker in claim_a_word.I claimed "Elephant" by the White Stripes in claim_an_album. I also claimed Alex Linares from Finch in claim_a_guitar.

Interests:103: 93.5, adding, afi, aim, all american rejects, amusement parks, animals, aol, audioslave, beach, beads, being alone, bjork, black, black lipstick, blink 182, boys, bracelets, candles, candy, captain jack sparrow, cell phones, chevelle, clogging, cutting, dancing, depression, dogs, dolphins, dr. pepper, dude wheres my car, ed edd & eddy, evanesence, eyeliner, fairs, finch, florida, foo fighters, frogs, ghost ship, good charlotte, guys in hats, hair dye, horror, hot hot heat, hot topic, icons, internet, jack, johnny depp, layouts, lollypops, loose lucy's, malls, marilyn manson, mascara, men in eyeliner, money, monkeys, movies, mrytle beach, music, nfg, nirvana, offspring, orlando, pac sun, parrots, piercings, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, plaid, potc, punk'd, quizzes, quotes, red, rhcp, rock, roller coasters, safety pins, samara, shopping, skateboarding, spiked bracelets, spongebob, stripes, suicide, sum 41, surfing, surveys, swimming, talking, tatoos, the ataris, the black pearl, the calling, the clash, the ring, the used, the white strips, theme parks, will turner Friends:71: addmedamnit, add_me_im_goth, americanxreject, anti_avril, ataris_music, band_icons, blurtyfriends, blurty_h0tline, blurty_marriage, chaos_777, chesterdesired, claimavocalist, claim_an_album, claim_a_book, claim_a_guitar, claim_a_word, claim_junk, coco4001, deftones, deppfans, deppinyoureyes, depp_fans, dream_a_reality, eissirk2, finchfans, finda_friend, flyingcucumbers, freaklauhgalot, gc_icons, goodcharlotte, good_music, horrors, iconrequests, iheartaboy, intoxicated_x, linkin_park, littlemissbeth0, loosing_my_soul, missmolko, mudvaynesgirl25, music_whores, newfriends, olpcarnival, orli_luvrs4life, poohbear10219, potcfans, potc_l0vers, punkchicks, punkers, punkettes__, punk_as_fuck, quizwhores, rock_icons, sammus, skateboarders, spongebob_rules, unkindness, utopianhaze, xboundnbroken8x, xrazorxkissesx, xxlov3lybab3xx, xxtheatarisxx, xxtheusedxx, xxtoxicxpunkxx, yoursinsintome, yo_rockmysocks, _evanescence, _get_marri3d_, _simple_plan, __depression__, __sevendays Friend of:37: artistgirl, babipink16, babygurl1106, beauty_process, blacksharpies, cheerchicklin4, chesterdesired, coco4001, cutelilladie, deliicate, down_27_online, flyingcucumbers, freaklauhgalot, gcchic2002, ghoulichicks, ihatemyself303, iheartaboy, intoxicated_x, in_my_eyes, littlemissbeth0, lovage, marejaney, olpcarnival, poisonlove, sammus, sarahpotter18, sh0ok_one, sweet_ashley, uphillbothways, utopianhaze, volleyball_chk, xboundnbroken8x, xsurgecanx, x__lea, yoursinsintome, _blak_glitter_, __stitches Member of:33: addmedamnit, add_me_im_goth, all_things_rock, americanxreject, anti_avril, ataris_music, blurtyfriends, claimavocalist, claim_a_guitar, claim_a_word, claim_junk, deftones, deppfans, deppinyoureyes, depp_fans, finchfans, finda_friend, good_music, horrors, iconrequests, linkin_park, newfriends, orli_luvrs4life, potcfans, potc_l0vers, punkers, punkettes__, rock_icons, skateboarders, spongebob_rules, _evanescence, _get_marri3d_, __sevendays Account type:Early Adopter

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