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Below is user information for >>-i lOve yOuU. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xoxkatebaibexox (232723)
Name:>>-i lOve yOuU
Memories:7 entries
Interests:111: 5-7-9, 50 cent, a walk to remember, aim, american rag, ashanti, ashlee simpson, baby blue, bayville, beach, being online, bet, biggie, bk, blind date uncensored, boyfriends, cappucinos, cars, cd's, cell phones, charli baltimore, chingy, christian dior, christina aguilera, clothes, dancing, deborah cox, diamonds, dominos, drinking, ecko, escada, eyeliner, fabolous, fendi, ferraris, florida, frappucinos, friends, g-unit, g-unit wear, g6's, glitter, gucci, guess, gum, high heels, hip hop, hot as hell guys, hugs, illegal pay-per-view, ja rule, jackass, jealous people, juvenile, kanye west, katy rose, kisses, kissing, lambos, lasgo, lil flip, lil mo, lipgloss, louis vuitton, love, ludacris, makeup, mall, mariah carey, money, movies, mtv, murder inc., music, my bffl's, my room, new york city, papa johns, phone calls, pink, pizza hut, playboy, pop, r&b, rap, room raiders, sandals, sean paul, shoes, shopping, shorts, skirts, spending money, summer, talking on the phone, tank tops, techno, texas, the beach, the marines, the rain, true love, tupac, twista, victoria's secret, vita, vs catalogues, willa ford, xoxo, yellowcard
Friends:10: bare_it_all, ge0rgie15, liddlcrackbabii, luvinboyz101, summaxstarz, trdsupraman, tstewart2069, xobabicarolynox, xoxkatebaibexox, xxchocohiphopxx
Friend of:7: ge0rgie15, summaxstarz, trdsupraman, tstewart2069, xobabicarolynox, xoxkatebaibexox, xxchocohiphopxx
Member of:1: roman_goddess
Account type:Free User

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