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User:xosexyxthangox (92068)
Location:South Carolina, United States
AOL IM:ixheartxboyz15 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

~* BaSiKz *~
NaMe: RaCheL aKa RaY RaY
DaY aN aNgeL WaZ boRN ():) MaRcH 18, 1987
AGe: 16
HaIr cOLoR: DaRk BrOwN wiF BLoNdE hiGhLiGhTz
eYe CoLoR: LiGhT bRoWn
hEiGhT: 5'2
SkOoL: GoIn iNtO mA juNiOr yEaR aT wBhS
HoBz: ChiLLaXiN, RoMaNciN, DaNciN, aNd SLeEpiN!

~* LoVe LiFe *~
B/f Or G/f?: uMm... WeLL... <3 LoL
Crush: I *LoVe* SvS
If you could go out w/ any1 n tha werld, who would it b?: AnDrEw iGgY oOoo!! *hEhE* I wuV u!!
When you 1st meet a guy/girl, what do you notice?: SmiLe, LiPz, EyEz, uMm...PeRsoNaLiTy...WhiCh aNdRew hAs ALL thE bEsT oF!
Would you rather be in a long-term relationship w/ 1 person or date many ppl?: LoNg TeRm!! hAvInG iSsuEz wiF thAt RiGhT NoW :(
Would you ever be in a long distance relationship?: YeSs i wOuLd dO aNyThiNg fOr thE pErsOn i aM iN LoVe wiTh...
Do you beleive in love at first sight?: uH-hUh
Who wuz yur 1st crush?: LmaOo..tHaT wAz LyK pRe-SchOoL!
Ideal guy/gurl: *SwEeT*, *SeXy*, *FuNnY*, uMm...*pReTtY TaLL*, *DaRk HaIr*, *BrOwN eyEz*, LoL iM KiNda dEsCriBiNg sOmE1 LmaOo... ;)
Idea of a purfect date: wELL thErEz BeEn...AmErIcaN PiE 2...AnD VaNz aRe aLwAyz gOod!
When wuz tha last tyme u kissed sum1?: :-/ LyK a MoNtH aGo MaYbE...i MiSs mA BaBy :(

Whatz tha best feeling n tha world?: whEn hE teLlz YoU...hE *LoVez YoU* anD YoU nO hE mEaNz iT...aNd u GeT thoSe ChiLlz aLL ovEr aNd whEn uR iN hiS aRmz anD u JuSs wAnnA bE thErE foRevEr aNd whEn hE KiSsEs YoU aNd u kNo hE iS hAviN thE sAme fEeLiN thAt u ArE hAvIn! <3 <3
Whatz tha worst feeling n tha world?: bEtRaYaL, bAckStaBbErz, ShyTaLkErz, HaTeRz, SomEtiMez *LiFe*, dEpReSsioN bAsIcaLLy..iT soMeTiMez JuSs TaKes ovEr uR BoDy aNd u CaNt evEn coNtroL iT...
If you could go back in time, where would u go?: YeSteRdaY, tOdaY *N* tOmoRroW
What decision do you regret most?: noT tRyiN mY hArDeSt tHiS yEaR iN *aLL* mA cLaSsEs
Biggest fear: bEiNg aLoNe

Number: 7630 *LoL* u WOuLdNt uNdErStaNd
Color: BLaCk
Color 2 wear: BLaCk..iM NoT goTh..iT JuSs LoOx thE BeSt oN mE...
Sport: HoCkeY
Book: CaTcHeR iN thE rYE
Movie: CrAzY/BeAuTiFuL
Teacher: mR. wAtSoN
Subject: uMm...NONE!!!! *YaY* LoL i diD NoT wiN thE SchOoL SpIrIt aWaRd!
Hangout: WiF aNdReW! <3, MoViEz, MaLL, iN mA bEd sLeEpiNg, mY rOoM(i LyK LiVe OuT oF iT..)
Flower: RoSeS
Song: DaNiEL BeDiNgdALe- iF YoUr NoT thE oNe, My KoNsTaNtiNe- SoMeThiNg CoRpArAtE, RoCk wiT u- AshAnTi...ThoSe ArE JuSs mA *FaVz* BuT i LyK a MiX oF MuSiC...
Tv ShOw: ReaL wOrLd
Food: mAc *N* ChEeSe aNd FeTucCiNi aLfReDo
Drink: PepSi
Animal: CoCker SpaNiELz!
Quote: "ThErEz a MiLLioN pEopLe iN thE woRLd...BuT iN thE eNd iT aLL cOmEz DoWn tO onE".
Holiday: ChRiStMaS *N* BiRthDayY!!
Season: SuMmEr!

Friends:57: addme, baca, bella_anorexia, bunkie, coco4001, confession, corruptmyheart, crazii_4_ic0nz, czangel, dietcoke_addict, disorders, downloadable, eddiez_ladii, exoticjewel, friendz, ilikeboys, isolated_tears, katypatutie, kittymiakat, lilkissesxox, love_me_tender, lusciousapril2, lyricsnquotes_, mernpatforever, nicolepatrol, o0downfall0o, obsessi0nz, ourquotes, pmsy, profoundly, quellyxpoo, quotable, restore_my_soul, sexi_cutie, sextips, sexualx0, sh3lly, shiine, simpliidazzlinq, skatergiirl, sugar_hunnie, suicide_note, suqariiebebe, x0xsweetwunx0x, xrazorxkissesx, xsuperkatx, xx_ally_xx, x_advice, x_boyfriends_, y0ungxh0peless, youre_myproblem, _dontlookatme, _forbiddenlove_, _marryme, _shiine, _stillwaiting_, __depression__
Friend of:10: baca, coco4001, czangel, kittymiakat, love_me_tender, o0downfall0o, sugar_hunnie, x0xsweetwunx0x, xx_ally_xx, yummy05
Member of:15: bella_anorexia, confession, crazii_4_ic0nz, disorders, downloadable, friendz, lyricsnquotes_, ourquotes, quotable, sextips, suicide_note, x_boyfriends_, _dontlookatme, _marryme, __depression__
Account type:Early Adopter

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