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Below is user information for Kirsten-Celeste. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xobesamemuchoxo (483060)
Bio:Don't bother asking,
for my name is unknown.
I live in my own world
and there I am alone.
I'm offering a brief glimpse,
into my subconcious for you.
I ask that nothing you read leaves here.
It's not to take,
just to view.

Interests:100: 60s music, acting, almost all music, almost famous, audrey hepburn, being close, being imd first, ben folds five, big hugs, blake babies, brilliant green, bubble gum, butt massages, carey grant, caroline's room, cat stevens, clothes that fit, compliments, computers, crushed ice, dakota fanning, dancing, darkness, dashboard confessional, dee-lite, dido, dimples, disney, dressing up, e-mails, ellen degenerous show, elton john, ewan mcgregor, floyd collins, gilmore girls, glitter, guys with eyeliner, handwritten letters, horror movies, hugs, i am sam, inside information, jackson 5, jessie's bed, jimmy eat world, john keena, joni mitchell, julie andrews, kinkajous, kisses, labyrinth, lemonheads, les miserables, letters to cleo, little kids, love, madonna, money, moulin rouge, my aunt's house, my friends, names, other people's clothes, paul fisher, people, people watching, phone calls, playing dress up, plumb, puppies, radiohead, reading, recording with my uncle, roswell, sara jane's old house, secrets, simon and garfunkel, singing, smashing pumpkins, so pink, sophie's world, spice girls, strawberry shortcake, talking, the 80s, the beatles, the broadway kids, the cowsills, the juliana theory, the mountains, the supremes, the turtles, theatre, they might be giants, touch, trust, truth, walking places, watermelon, writing
Friends:6: amour108291, blisteredavalon, desolation_row, knor, konkarmic, surrogateheart
Friend of:4: blisteredavalon, desolation_row, konkarmic, surrogateheart
Account type:Free User

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