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Below is user information for Genna. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xo_crush_ox (201128)

Hi, I don't have time to make this write now, so I'll just say my name's Genna and I live in New York. If you want to know more about me, Add me ! I'll most likely add you back. Just read my rules. Thanks! ;]]

I love my blurty babes ~
ballet_slippers . . . Casey!!
caitlinxsweetie . . . Caitlin!
fighter4life05 . . . Ashley
omg_itz_me . . . Trish!
twiist . . . Laura!!
wishful_heart . . . Jennifer
_love_ . . . Leanna!!
__pinky__ . . . Luisa!

You have to earn my Love. <33

Interests:136: a walk to remember, acting, art, babies, badminton, ballet, basketball, battle of the sexes, beachs, beauty, birthdays, blinkies, blue, blurty, britney spears, brownies, bubble baths, bubbles, candy, canolies, carebears, chatting, cheese, cheese cake, cherries, chips, chocolate, christina aguilera, christmas, clothes, colors, computers, cute pajamas, dance, designing, diamonds, dismissed, dolphins, drawing, dvds, family, flip flops, french fries, friends, fun, games, getting dressed up, girly stuff, glitter, going online, gum, gymnastics, hamburgers, hanging out, hearts, hot cocoa, hot tubs, hugs, ice cream, icons, instant messaging, jennifer lopez, jessica simpson, jewlery, journals, justin guarini, justin timberlake, kelly clarkson, kisses, lipgloss, mail, make-up, making layouts, mall, mandy moore, message in a bottle, movies, mtv, needlesspanic, ocean, oceans, organizing, peanuts, pictures, pineapple, pink, pizza, poems, pools, pop music, puppies, reading, relaxing, sand, sea glass, sea shells, shoes, shopping, singing, sleeping, slippers, smiles, snow, soap, soda, sparkles, spongebob, spring, stars, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, stuffed animals, stunts, style, sugar, summer, sunglasses, sunshine, sweatshirts, swimming, taking back sunday, talking, talking on the phone, talking to friends, tare panda, the sims, tic tacs, trampolines, tv, vacation, vacations, veggie tales, warm towels, watermelon, winnie the pooh, writing.
Friends:3: omg_itz_me, _d0ntspeak, __pinky__
Friend of:10: ballet_slippers, cutiefacenadia, fighter4life05, omg_itz_me, ox8blondie7xo, purdieful, x0x_paradise, _adorkable, _rumors, __pinky__
Member of:2: blurty_awardsz, sexi_awardz
Account type:Early Adopter

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