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Below is user information for Not Appreciated. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xnewxdirectionx (124032)
Name:Not Appreciated
Website:... hella?
Location:x623x REPRESENT xNPCx, Arizona, United States
Bio:I'm just an average man reaching out my hand
asking you to love me
so hold me if you can my one and only stand
asking you to love me
my love it seems so pure but your not even sure
if you even love me
I'd fade away today just to hear you say
how much it is you love me
and when your lead away you're not here to feel me your to close to know what you need to see me
(im just an average man holding out my hand)

What do you mean it's time, time for me to grow up? I don't want any part. It's right to follow my heart. The new kids ran, ran out the back door fast, and the bands that came before they had their noses in the air. Pretending that they care about our scene just because our money's green.
I'll tell you stage dives make me feel more alive than coded messages in slowed down songs.
Now you're so ashamed, now I'm so ashamed of you. We believed the same things. You stand to the side...
... It all came true, too bad you can't see all the good things that I see. 'Cause what might seem dumb to you is pounding in my heart. No, you just can't fucking see it!!!
Interests:128: 7angels 7plagues, a life once lost, abandoned buildings, adeathforeverysin, afi, alkaline trio, american nightmare, animal rights, art, bandannas, bane, being a dork, being brutal, black, bleeding through, bold, brass knuckles, chain of strength, champion, chokehold, coffee houses, comeback kid, converge, count me out, cranberry juice, david fincher, david lynch, death threat, descendents, dillinger escape plan, dorks, drivingwith thewindows down, earth crisis, edward norton, eighties music, environmentalism, first blood, floorpunch, four rooms, get up kids, girls, girls with short hair, glasses, good clean fun, gorilla biscuits, hardcore, hardcore dancing, homosexual rights, honesty, horror show, hugs, in my eyes, indie rock, inside out, jackets, john hughes films, judge, kevin smith films, lip rings, love, loyal friends, madball, misery signals, music, my glasses, ninjas, not giving up, orchid, over my dead body, photography, piercings, pirates, posi core, pretty in pink, primal fear, project x, radiohead, reaching out for you, record stores, remembering never, robots, rush, saves the day, screaming, shoes, short girls, shows, shutdown, side by side, sing alongs, singing, sixteen candles, skarhead, skull & crossbones, some kind of wonderful, stage dives, stay gold, stomp moshing, straight-edge, striking distance, strong bad email, sucking at life, sworn in, tattoos, taxi driver, ten yard fight, terror, terror firmer, the ataris, the breakfast club, the cheat, the cure, the pit, the promise, toxic avenger, troma, tuff guy, unbroken, urban exploring, vegetarianism, veggie burgers, vinyl, voice of reason, wasting time, wfawm, where eagles dare, xazhcx, youth of today
Friends:30: aconcreteheartx, agendaxblood, animal_rights, atombomb, atomicbloodykis, backxonxtrack, bloodandguts, deathcabforjude, dreanimate, fhqwhgads, frombadtoworse, girlswithedge, herkisskills, krup_you, lost_in_silence, make_perfect, mercuryxrising, positivexyouth, prozaccowboy, psychoteer, soliloquy_, strongbadrocks, theanswer, thenewtrend, thrubeingcool, veggies, xedgextilxdeath, xnewxdirectionx, xxxedgeyouthxxx, xxxriotgrrlxxx
Friend of:11: aconcreteheartx, atomicbloodykis, backxonxtrack, krup_you, mercuryxrising, prozaccowboy, sugarcult690, theanswer, thrubeingcool, xnewxdirectionx, xxxriotgrrlxxx
Member of:7: animal_rights, fhqwhgads, positivexyouth, strongbadrocks, veggies, xedgextilxdeath, xxxedgeyouthxxx
Account type:Early Adopter

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