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Below is user information for lexi. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xlilshortiex (74241)
Interests:145: 2pac, backseats, bagels, bandanas, basketball, being a girl, blow pops, blue, bone, boy meets world, bubble baths, bubbles, buckle, california, candles, candy land, center stage, cherry coke, chili cheese fries, chillin, christina aguilera, cinnamon toast crunch, clothes, conflict, cookie dough, cookie dough ice cream, crazy/beautiful, cucumbers, cuddling, dakotas, darkness, dawsons creek, denali, dick, dmx, dreaming, drivebys, durangos, eating, eminem, escalades, extra, fireworks, fishbones, flipping people off, football, football games, friends, froot loops, frosted flakes, fundip, gilmore girls, goldfish, gratiot, honda civics, hoodies, hot boys, hot tamales, hugging, ice, incense, ja rule, jagged edge, jay hernandez, jewelry, justin timberlake, kisses, kissing, lakeside mall, laughing, lemons, lizzie mcguire, love, love and basketball, love quotes, macomb mall, mighty mouse, mikes hard lemonade, monkeys, monte carlos, moon, movies, mr. rags, music, nelly, night, nike socks, nsync, olive garden, orange, orange airheads, orange juice, oreo mcflurries, otown, parties, partying, pickles, pictures, pink, pissing people off, purple roses, quotes, rain, rap, red robins, rugrats, sad songs, saved by the bell, sex, silver, sleeping, slurpees, smirnoff ice, sonic, soulfood, sour patch kids, starbursts, stars, storms, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, suckers, sugar, summer, sunshine drinks, surveys, sweatshirts, sweedish fish, systems, taco bell, teddy bears, teddy grahams, the brothers, the cosby show, the disney channel, the real world, the smurfs, thunderstorms, tickling, tomatoes, tongues, trucks, vin diesel, wal-mart, water balloons
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: lilshorty
Account type:Early Adopter

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