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User:xlevelled27x (24270)
Location:My Own Personal Hell, Gainesville, Florida, United States
Yahoo! ID:FairfaxGhettoBoiSkinheadedJew (Add User, Send Message)
Jabber:What the COCK is Jabber?

[names] yuki, sora-chan, abby, biz, rei.
[birthday] 6/20.
[location] my own personal hell, gainesville, fl.
[hair] bleached blonde and black streaks with other random colors streaked in when i feel like it.
[eyes] ice blue.

____[i am...]____
[riot girl] .×. [dork] .×. [loser] .×. [freakish] .×. [geek] .×. [dreamer] .×. [artist] .×. [guitarist] .×. [writer] .×. [fuct up kid] .×. [crazy] .×. [otaku] .×. [drummer] .×. [adhd] .×. [singer]

[punk] .×. [emo] .×. [screamo] .×. [indie] .×. [ska] .×. [metal] .×. [hardcore] .×. [pop-punk (softcore)] .×. [alternative] .×. [j-pop] .×. [j-rock]

[good charlotte] .×. [sublime] .×. [sugarcult] .×. [finch] .×. [the movielife] .×. [the ataris] .×. [sum 41] .×. [blink-182] .×. [the transplants] .×. [the distillers] .×. [taking back sunday] .×. [the used] .×. [less than jake] .×. [new found glory] .×. [simple plan] .×. [box car racer] .×. [mest] .×. [eve6] .×. [thursday] .×. [a.f.i.] .×. [nofx] .×. [mxpx] .×. [kelly osbourne] .×. [green day] .×. [rancid] .×. [goldfinger] .×. [allister] .×. [wakefield] .×. [yellowcard] .×. [the pillows]

[anime] .×. [music] .×. [hats] .×. [hot topic] .×. [shopping] .×. [clothes] .×. [skateboarding] .×. [guitaring] .×. [drawing] .×. [dude, where's my car?] .×. [ties] .×. [south park] .×. [the simpsons] .×. [boys with eyeliner] .×. [bondage shorts] .×. [wife-beater shirts].×. [spikey things] .×. [punk shows] .×. [like whoa] .×. [shibby] .×. [step off my grill] .×. [billy martin] .×. branden steineckert .×. hamtaro .×. hair dye .×. katsuya jounouchi .×. ryuuji otogi .×. ryuo bakura .×. yami bakura .×. marik ishtar .×. kaiba seto .×. atticus .×. hurley .×. chuck taylors .×. my room .×. my friends .×. my hats .×. famous stars and straps .×. drumming .×. roller coasters .×. inuyasha .×. rouroni kenshin .×. hamtaro .×. trigun .×. cowboy bebop .×. vash the stampede .×. himura kenshin .×. sagara sanosuke .×. kyou souma .×. yuki souma .×. shigure souma .×. aoshi shinomori .×. jin kazama .×. hwoarang

egotistical people .×. avril lavigne .×. people who think they're 'hardcore' .×. PeOpLe WhO TyPe LiKe tHiS .×. ppl who cunt speel gud .×. turtlenecks .×. people who trash good music .×. white people who act black

Billy Quotes --

"[Hiccups] I'm sorry I have the hiccups today!"

"Yeah, this CD is the best CD made in the history of music."

"I murdered Paul’s entire family."

"I would be Ken so I could be getting up on Barbie all day!"

"I'm a goody goody. I never do bad things."

"Benji likes to match his hair with his underwear and we caught him in a pink thong once. We videotaped it."

"I don't get boy bands today. They don't write their own songs, and everything is choreographed from their dance moves on stage to how they have sex with each other after the show." - Tom DeLonge [Blink-182]

"You're supposed to fit in this fuckin' mold all the time. Music is your one place to break out and just say fuck it all, do what you want, be the person you are with no fuckin' rules." - Branden Steineckert [The Used]

"Hey! You gotta pay your taxes man, or they'll take away your friggin' bling bling!" - Dave Grohl [Foo Fighters]

i'm a dork. I'm Not Avril

Interests:150: afi, alkaline trio, all-american rejects, allister, alternative press, american hi-fi, anime, anti-flag, atticus, autopilot off, avoid one thing, bif naked, blink-182, blowing things up, bouncing souls, bowling for soup, box car racer, camp kill yourself, cky, dickies, dude where's my car?, duke devlin, emo, eve6, fat wreck chords, fenix*tx, finch, flogging molly, foo fighters, fruits basket, gc, gir, gob, goldfinger, good charlotte, green day, h2o, hamtaro, hellcat records, hot topic, hot water music, hwoarang, hwoarang's kicks, incubus, inu yasha, inu-yasha, invader zim, jackass, japan, japanese-influenced stuff, jimmy eat world, jin kazama, jin's clothes, jinnykins, joey wheeler, kaiba seto, katsuya jounouchi, kelly osbourne, kenshin himura, kurama, kyou souma, less than jake, lighting things on fire, lit, madcap, malik ishtar, malik's rod, manga, mest, midtown, millencolin, mmkay, music, mxpx, nelly talk, new found glory, nfg, nirvana, no doubt, nofx, p-chan, pennywise, pokemon, pokemon cards, pop-punk, punk, ramones, rancid, ranma 1/2, ranma saotome, reel big fish, riddlin' kids, rock, rogue, running over hookers, rurouni kenshin, ryoga hibiki, ryouga hibiki, ryuuji otogi, sagara sanosuke, saves the day, seto kaiba, sex pistols, sid vicious, silverchair, simple plan, ska, skateboarding, sloppy meateaters, social distortion, something corporate, south park, spikey bracelets, spikey hair, spikey things, sr-71, stars, sublime, sugarcult, sum 41, tekken, the ataris, the distillers, the donnas, the movielife, the offspring, the starting line, the transplants, the troys, the used, the vines, thursday, trigun, tsunami bomb, unwritten law, vans, vash the stampede, vendetta red, voodoo glow skulls, weezer, x-men evolution, yami bakura, yellowcard, youko kurama, yu yu hakusho, yu-gi-oh!, yu-gi-oh! cards, yuki souma, zed, zoo york
Friends:11: chesire_cat, fallingpictures, inn0cent_kissez, mestupriotgrl, mizz_martin, nfgstar, oh_my_word, punk__fetiish, relish_night, scabbed__wings, terrible___lie
Friend of:11: chesire_cat, imperfectkatoru, inn0cent_kissez, mestupriotgrl, mizz_martin, nfgstar, no_one_squirrel, punk__fetiish, relish_night, ryou_destressed, scabbed__wings
Member of:7: claim_shite, community_ads, good_billy, icons_, icon_makers, rock_icons, _braceletxwh0re
Account type:Early Adopter

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