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Below is user information for electrocution's for the weak. we're the apocolypse. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xlatenite (7929)
Name:electrocution's for the weak. we're the apocolypse
Website:aeroplane g i n
Location:deerfield beach, Florida, United States
Bio:& we'll fly by wheat fields and water towers.

Interests:56: 800 speed film, add n to (x), adult., andy warhol, anything with a tambourine, arranging things alphabetically, arranging things chronologically, art fag bangs, art fags, art!, beatles haircuts, beck, ben kweller, blue/yellow, cat power, cold hands, creme brulee, desaparecidos, dinosaurs, electro fags, factoring, keyboards, le shok, madonna, magnifying glasses, mates of state, mathematics, me, moogs, ok go, philosophy, pink/blue, quoting movies verbatim, rainer maria, rilo kiley, sidewalk chalk, sneaker pimps, sneakers made in iceland, spelling!, stephen lynch, synth pop, synths, the alphabet, the colour green, the electric six, the faint, the notwist, the postal service, the smashing pumpkins, the strokes, the turnpike at night, violence, warm beds, xgood grammar crewx, you, your eyes
Friends:37: alek, animal_rights, aorta, automaton, badastronot, begforlight, brokenxrobot, colonforsale, concretexpillow, disaster, dolphinsonarcam, garage_rock, hatedandproud, heartsandhotels, heroforhire, indienerds, indierockmix, paynomind, photography, please_die, scarstoproveit, shakedown1979, slumberingheart, sticker, sycophant, synthkill, telefonefrases, thestrokes, venusandbacchus, wallflower_, wannaxdisco, winternights, xsiberiankissx, x_star, _lipstick, __invalid, ___xtina
Friend of:23: alek, blake_rosenfeld, brokenxrobot, colonforsale, concretexpillow, disaster, dolphinsonarcam, hatedandproud, heartsandhotels, heroforhire, i_might_explode, paynomind, please_die, softwetearth, sticker, sycophant, wallflower_, wannaxdisco, winternights, xsiberiankissx, x_star, __invalid, ___xtina
Member of:12: animal_rights, garage_rock, hothotheat, indienerds, indierock, indierockmix, modestmousefans, photography, sunrise_sunset, thestrokes, thosexperks, unsent
Account type:Early Adopter

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