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Below is user information for bare the skYY. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xinduce_mex (328576)  
Name:bare the skYY
Location:Illinois, United States
Bio:Somehow I knew that this would
end and then I finally found my way
back home. This is all one master paln
to keep us spinnign down this endless well...
I'm drowning in my own regrets
I'm trying to so hard to take whats
my last breath. This is all I wanted
from you. So alone and now I'll have
you know...If you can stand on your
own two feet then you can get
up off your fucking knees. Stand up and wash
away the blood that stains your soul.
now the time has come to
slow the beating of this heart.
Interests:53: 28 days later, against me, akimbo, alkaline trio, american history x, black, black eye makeup, bleeding kansas, bleeding through, cattle decapitation, charles bronson, chunsa, clc, contrevene, counter-strike, damage deposit, def choice, descendents, hardcore, hewhocorrupts, house of 1000 corpses, infest, let it burn, libido grande, mars volta, misfits, mm, my boyfriend, nofx, pink (the color), plan of attack, preacher gone to texas, requiem for a dream, scholastic deth, sex, sfa, shows, skank or die, snapcase, still well, sxe, tale of genji, the angsted, the killing tree, the organ, thrash, thrash and burn, three inches of blood, till death, train spotting, underground punk, vinyl, violets are blue
Friends:1: kissxmexdeadly
Friend of:1: kissxmexdeadly
Account type:Free User

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