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User:xhatexmexlaterx (515366)
Name:Sycamore Dreams
Website:My Deviant Art Page
Location:Tampa, Florida, United States
AOL IM:xhatexmexlater (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:You're the source.
My disbelief in innocence arise.
Feel that ghost seducing me.
Try to reach a hand in that golden circle.
You are no angel. And my heart is more than emptyness.
In the shadow of myself
You are no angel. And I sleep under the trees
and no one else can awake me.
Burn me tonight. Feeling my self slip away.
Burn me tonight. And kill the demon in me.
Facing a saint feeling my life slip away.
Burn me tonight. And kill the demon in me.
Burn me tonight. Until I'm dissappointed.
Burn me tonight. And kill the demon in me.
I disbelief in the summer in pearl lake.
So cool to drink.
I hear how the pine float.
And now you're falling apart from me.
You are no angel.
You are no angel.
Get me out! Set me free! From your sky! Now!
Take me outside! So you can grow!
Burn yourself and the demon in me!
Kill! Kill! Kill! Get me out...
Kill! Kill! Kill it now!

Caliban - "Sycamore Dreams"


waiting for approval:
claim_a_band:killswitch engage
gethitched:ryan burchfield DEPSWA
Interests:86: (hed)pe, 36 crazyfists, 40 below summer, american head charge, animosity, atreyu, bionic jive, caliban, calm, candiria, chevelle, concerts, crossbreed, darwins waiting room, depswa, dir en grey, drain s.t.h., dreadlocks, drowning pool, dry kill logic, eighteen visions, endo, factory 81, finger eleven, florida music scene, from autumn to ashes, genitorturers, god forbid, grim fairies, hackers, hard rock, heavy metal, hopesfall, ill nino, in flames, in this day, industrial rock, j-rock, killswitch engage, lamb of god, local bands, local music scene, loss for words, machine head, marilyn manson, mastadon, meshuggah, mp3s, mudvayne, murderdolls, my ruin, no one, nonpoint, norma jean, otep, piercings, poetry, poison the well, primer55, retard-o-bot 2000, rock music, school for heroes, sevendust, shadows fall, silence after a tradgedy, singing, skunk anansie, slipknot, stone sour, superjoint ritual, taproot, tattoos, the crow, the starting line, throwdown, tonic, tool, trustkill, underoath, unsigned bands, vampires, violent femmes, walls of jericho, wicca, x813x, zao
Friends:6: im_super, quotable, siberian_isis, slutcrew, soul_decay, _itshopeless
Member of:5: claim_a_band, gethitched, im_super, quotable, slutcrew
Account type:Free User

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