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Below is user information for Dana. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xglitterscarx (807002)
Bio:...*i love luke*...

i like bacon. i like stars. i like roses. i hate you. i hate myself. i like chicken. i hate needles. i miss my old self. i hate my old self. i cant wait to get older. i wish i was younger. i hate being sick. im always sick. i like porn. i hate life. i like burning things. i hate to be burned. i like bass and guitar. i cant play bass OR guitar. I SEE A KNIFE BESIDE ME, WHAT TO DO...CUT MY WRIST OR SLIT PEOPLES THROATS?. thats about all you need to know
Interests:58: *stars*, absymal gates, bacon, bass, being alone, bleeding, blood, boardwalk, braclettes, brick bands, burning things, cheese, chicken, clothes, clubbing, cradle of filth, cutting, dani filth, depression, driving, eating, emo, fake nails, fire, friends, getting smashed, gir, going to concerts, goth, guitar, guys, him, horror, howell, invader zim, juliya, korn, luke, marilyn manson, metal, monmouth bands, motocross, music, ocean bands, ozzfest, perfect inertia, photography, point bands, porn, punk, roses, self-mutilation, sex, shadows of dawn, sickness, slowly dying inside, taking pictures, warped tour.
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: emostar666
Account type:Free User

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