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Below is user information for Caiti. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xfaded_smilex (636388)
Website:My DeadJournal
Location:Massachusetts, United States
AOL IM:Cool Cat Caiti (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm me, hiii
Interests:89: afi, alkaline trio, all american rejects, angel, aol, ashton kutcher, being lazy, blink182, bowling for soup, boxcar racer, boy bands ;), buffy the vampire slayer, butthole surfers, camp jim, chinese food, concerts, david boreanaz, diffuser, downloading music, eating, fenix tx, finch, foooood, fountains of wayne, friends, friends' houses, fun, ghost of the robot, gob, going places, going to athol, good charlotte, hanging out, hot guys, icons, im with busey, incubus, infomercials, instant messages, internet, james marsters, joel madden, journals, kittys, linkin park, lt. dan, madcap, magazines, mark hoppus, maroon 5, matchbox twenty, mest, movies, mr chans, music, mxpx, new found glory, nicholas brendon, ninja turtles, our lady peace, pictures, pop punk, punk, punk rock, red hot chili peppers, rock, sean william scott, senses fail, simple plan, singing, sleeping, south park, staying up late, street teams, sum41, taking back sunday, talking, the ataris, the late night chatrooms, the used, tom delonge, tom green, tom green show, tony lavato, video games, wakefield, watching tv, weezer, yellow cars.
Friends:6: difusrrokrebel, dreaming__away, marco_d_978, starnight333, x0_babigurl_978, x0_eveybaby
Friend of:3: dreaming__away, starnight333, x0_eveybaby
Account type:Free User

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