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Below is information about the "emo kids" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:xemo_kidsx (213943)
Name:emo kids
About:Well Folks, this is just a little communite for us Emo fans to unite. It's doesn't hae to be all about emo, it can be about self expression, or about anything emoish. Music, style, you name it. Just a few simple rules...

1) Please don't clutter up this community with servay's or quizzes, if you must, please use the cut code so that we don't all have to see them.

2) respect the other people in the community. Constructive words, not nasty ones.

3) Have fun.
Interests:29: brandtson, bright eyes, coheed and cambria, conor obhurst, cursive, errortype:eleven, finch, glasseater, glassjaw, individuality., keepsake, melincolin, midtown, modest mouse, most prescious blood, mum, new end originals, silent majority, sugarcult, taproot, the anniversery, the faint, the jazz june, the juliana theory, the microphones, traveller, vacant andy's, wolly sweaters, yellowcard
Members:18: dppsyco141, enchiladas, fade_out_again, headgames720, iheartfries, inutile, iwishuwerehere, kwikcheckgirl, m00c0w6853, maskedxterror, nadaxsurfed, oixtwatxwaffle, rainbowbrite2x7, savethisgirl, ximafreakx, xkinderwhorex, xxstrangegrrlxx, _faintly
Watched by:11: dppsyco141, fade_out_again, iheartfries, inutile, mondaymorning, oixtwatxwaffle, pocket_book, rainbowbrite2x7, ximafreakx, xkinderwhorex, _faintly
Account type:Free User

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