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Below is information about the "straight-edge 'til fucking death" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:xedgextilxdeath (60229)  
Name:straight-edge 'til fucking death
About:This community is for all the straight edge kids who want to talk about anything wether it be about becoming sxe, or friends becoming or breaking edge, things that piss 'em off, just whatever really, and who are a very true to the X ....
Interests:16: abstinence, drugxfree, hardcore, integrity, loyalty, minor threat, poison free, punk, pureness, straight edge, sxe, truetildeath, veganism, vegetarianism, xxx, you booze you lose
Members:87: aconcreteheartx, ad0rkablepunk, afireinside09, asolitaryecho3, atomicbloodykis, a_final_kiss, bahk, beautyxdies, br0kend011, breakme, brocken, caraisugly, cavanaugh_park, chromeknucks83, crimson_fears, ctprop, dorky_loser, dying2live, faded_blackstar, flipflopjunky, foreversxe, gardenspirit, herkisskills, hxcbassplayer, idleeyes, illcatchyou_xx, i_wanna_riot, janiethenazi, l0standf0und, littlelynn, livvylove, luckeecharms710, mercuryxrising, misanthropy66, moonlitdarkness, onehandhigh, onestepcloser79, patchworksniper, pinkranger_, plaidpunk, poncho, princess_sarah, progressx, salvationtears6, screwduppunklvr, shatteredbyhope, shes__electric, sicksadgirl, skull_fragments, so_dorky, spankme, starbreeze, str8edgekitten, sxechickvicious, sxe_star, sxe_veg, thecureforpain, thrubeingcool, tinydasha, toxicpink, tulipsarebetter, underthestars, wastedxstar, woundedxheart, x12xstepsx, xambuhx, xarchenemyx, xbm_crewx, xfelex570, xmastx, xnaturalxorderx, xnewdirectionx, xnewxdirectionx, xparadeonmyrain, xri0txgirlx, xuntilxthexdayx, xxemoxcorexx, xxxbangbangxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xyouendnowx, x_eah_baby, x_randumb_x, x_toothpick, x_utins_baby, _chickvicious, _missxxxpriss_, __summerstars
Watched by:35: 00alexz00, aconcreteheartx, asolitaryecho3, atomicbloodykis, backxonxtrack, beautyxdies, chromeknucks83, ctprop, dorky_loser, dying2live, flipflopjunky, onehandhigh, plaidpunk, progressx, shatteredbyhope, shes__electric, shydee, spankme, starbreeze, str8edgekitten, sxechickvicious, sxe_veg, thecureforpain, veegan, woundedxheart, xambuhx, xbm_crewx, xmastx, xnaturalxorderx, xnewdirectionx, xnewxdirectionx, xxemoxcorexx, x_randumb_x, x_toothpick, _chickvicious
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