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Below is user information for ((im falling quicker than i ever have before)). If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xdreamsofyoux (673827)
Name:((im falling quicker than i ever have before))
Website:{((i stay werecked and jealous for the simple reasons))}
Bio:i luv you sheL!!!! your my everything!! mwah!!! id be lost without you in so many ways. im really glad that we sat next to each other in 6th grade that time otherwise who knows. it was fate that we meat!!!!! i luv you very much!! and always will!!! operation cookie out is a go!

When you aren't around I let the shades fall down to shut out all the sun's
light and make myself feel all right.
What am I doing with my life?
Remember that the only things we need sometimes are chilly nights and warmer
thighs, 'cause there's nothing like being held...sometimes.

not every arrow is pointed at your heart

people dont take chances with there were scared from the start.........i should have known youd be the one to break my heart

when the cold when blows ill keep your secret when my friends ask ill say i dont no

There's nothing you and I won't do I'll stop the world and melt with you

when you say you love you, you better mean it. b/c when you say those words, it calls for forever.....

I'll probably hang upside-down from wooden rafters in my home and look at old photos of you.

if i had the chance to turn back time
i wouldnt change a thing
you broke my heart....but i found love
and i wouldnt trade it for anyhthing in the world

even the most beautiful of all roses must someday crumble to dust and fade away.
It's a certain tragedy

Interests:148: 104.1, 2fast 2furious, 3 dorrs down, 3rd eye blind, 7th heaven, 95.4, a perfect circle, a walk to remember, afi, aim, alein reserction, all american rejects, american pie, american weding, autoslave, balloons, bears, beyonce, blink 182, buring airlines, bush, candles, carebears, carribean, catch 22, cheese cake, cherry 7 up, chocolate, chvelle, clothes, cold, cold play, college football, cruel intentions, dalphins, dancing, darkness falls, dashborad confessional, decorating, deep blue sea, dr.pepper, duckies, edager allen poe, electric gutairs, eve6, everclear, fall out boys, febuary, finding nemo, fishys, flordia, france, freakyfriday, friends, friut, froggies, fuel, graffis, green day, hats, helping friends, hippos, honey, how to deal, internet, italy, jessica alba, jessica simpson, johny depp, journals, keri, kick boxing, kidney thives, lepards, linkin park, lit misierable, love, ludaris, make up, mall, mandy moore, marcy plyground, may, michelle branch, monkeys, musci, nelly, new found glory, niagra falls, novemeber, offsprin, one tree hill, outkast, paparoach, park, passion, phone, pirates of the caribean, pitch black, pittsburg, pizza hut, poetry, pual walker, purple, reese witherspoon, running, saliva, sara, saves the day, seven story mountian, shane west, shel, simple plan, sleeping, snow, soccer, something corporte, speed, spring, sprite, sprite remix, stained, starbucks, steelers, steff, strobe lights, stuffed animals, sum41, summer, swimming, switchfoot, taking back sunday, tara, terminator, texas chaniesaw massacre, the ataris, the strokes, theatre, thursday, tigers, timeline, trapt, underworld, valetine, water, whatever it takes, yellow card, yougurt
Friends:6: crazydancemo_fo, darlingxdani, lesanglantcelui, lovelessloser01, lovingyouhurt, xsummerloversx
Friend of:5: darlingxdani, denying_myheart, lovelessloser01, xsummerloversx, youaresolush
Account type:Free User

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