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User:xdorky_sarahx (551316)  
Location:South Pole, Antarctica
AOL IM:X dorky sarah X (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:"i may be a girl. but i will leave my boot print on your forehead if i feel so inclined. :D
i am me and i heart being me in all my crazy glory.
i've been described as many things including quiet, loud, immature, scary, punk, goth, anarchist, communist, freak, cute, funny, stubborn, anti-social, social, spontaniously combustable..etc.

completely useless labels so how bout we just call me... me?"
Interests:131: a perfect circle, a.f.i., adam carson, afireinside, air force, all things rock, angels, anti-avril, apc, armbands, art, band shirts, bands, benji madden, billy boyd, billy martin, black, blink 182, blue, bracelets, chinese food, christianity, clay aiken, cold, concerts, corvettes, davey havok, davey's weenieroast dramaqueenness, david desrosiers, death of seasons, draco malfoy, drums, edward scissor hands, evanescence, face paint, fast cars, finch, fire, forensic pathologist, gc, glassjaw, good charlotte, goth, guitars, halloween, hardcore punk, harry potter, hot topic, hunter burgan, ice, icons, jade puget, january, joel madden, johnny depp, kenny vasoli, last caress, legand of sleepy hollow, less than jake, level 27, lightening, linkin park, lord of the rings, made, marine biology, mest, moringstar, movies, music, new found glory, nfg, night, ninja, oliver phelps, patches, pennywise, pictures, piercings, pierre bouvier, pins, pirates, posters, psycho, punk, purple, pyro, rain, rancid, relient k, rock music, role model, ruben, scars, shopping, shows, silver, simple plan, sing the sorrow, skateboarding, sleep, snowboarding, son of sam, sonicflood, sp, spikes, spyders, stars, stickers, storms, straight edge, strips, sum 41, surfing, sxe, taco bell, tape, tattoos, tears, the starting line, thunder, tom felton, tony hawk, tours, transplants, tsl, vans, very proud of ya, vinyl, warped tour, water, white strips
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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