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User:xcutedreamerx (144205)  
Name:Dare to dream?
Website:Sexy BBMak
Location:Michigan, United States
Bio:Ya'll go join my community: bfs_fans. Of course it's only for Bowling For Soup fans. And yesh my friend and I met bowling for soup and saw them in concert. Gary tottally fuckin kicks ass yo. :-* Major love to Gary

"I'm not stupid, (long pause), I'm just slow."
"If I had to describe myself in 5 words, I would say I'm....creative, I'm a musician....a dreamer...a believer.......(long pause)...and a lover."
"Do I look like I'm kidding? Do I look like I'm even kidding?" (With a battery up his nose)
"I'm pretty much sure I can't feel my legs." (after being picked for the final eight)
Mm..why do I like this -->icon so much? *Grins*

The O-Town Fan Page</a>The O-Town Fan Page

Credit to "Meganisme" on livejournal for my header.
Interests:15: ashley parker angel, bbmak, bowling for soup, brian deas, britney spears, chilling, christian burns, christina aguilera, dan, kyle, nick chastain, nsync, otown, trace ayala, trevor
Friends:33: aggie_seb, a_make0verr, bfs_fans, boyslikethat, britney_fans, burnsy58, claimyoursong, claim_a_word, claim_me, crazyredhead, finchfans, flick_claims, girlslikethat, in_my_eyes, jrt_fans, lucky_uno, music_whores, newfriends, new_found_glory, oona_faerie3, otowngirl326, punk_luver_, sexxxbois, shakakaestrd, staceycakes, staceymarie, stackers, stacmacattack, stevie24, used_punk, xbabygirl1114x, xcutedreamerx, __tbsfans
Friend of:12: aggie_seb, burnsy58, in_my_eyes, oona_faerie3, punk_luver_, staceycakes, staceymarie, stackers, stacmacattack, stevie24, xbabygirl1114x, xcutedreamerx
Member of:15: a_make0verr, bfs_fans, boyslikethat, britney_fans, claim_a_word, claim_me, finchfans, flick_claims, girlslikethat, jrt_fans, newfriends, new_found_glory, rpg_ads, sexxxbois, __tbsfans
Account type:Early Adopter

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