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Below is user information for *~Cause For Concern~*. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xcrsxyhondagrlx (424520)
Name:*~Cause For Concern~*
Location:Virginia, United States
Bio:...Hmm...High school Senior...Almost 17...Confused about my 'relationship' right now. Virgin. Shy. In love with Photography. Hate drama. Don't Really get along with girls at all. HATE lies/liars/cheaters. Love the beach. Love to be near water. Love nighttime walks Downtown and at the canal. Problem with backstabbers and mouthrunners. Don't think you should know anything else about me, and if I did...I probably wouldn't tell you anyways.
Interests:126: (lowering) airbags, animals, b&w film, bass/ bass-offs, bein scared, being loved & wanted, being young, belle isle, brian, brian froud, bright blue skies, candles, car modifications, car shows, celestial things, chappelle show, chillin with friends, collages, collecting shells, comedies, cool lamps/room accessories, county fair, crotch rockets, cuddlin, cute lil things, d-loc, decorating my room, dj’s, doin my nails, dolphins, downtown richmond, drag racing, drivin/ridin around, drying/ pressing flowers, eating, emo, fairies, fantasy art, fireworks, food!, gettin letters/ cards, glitter, gnomes, happiness, hippie clothes, homies, honda’s, honesty, hugs, icons, imports, incense, incubus, innocent flirting, italy, jacked-up trucks, jason kidd, jewelry, jokes, kisses, kottonmouth kings, late night drives, laughing, laying in the sun, leopard print, love, lowriders, lyrics, madtv, making hemp necklaces, making webpages, memories, movies, mr.winkle, mushrooms, music, my '98 neon, n.a.h.s., nature, nice days, nice people, odd girl out, old buildings, old times, originality, painting, parks, photography (my #1 passion!), picasso moon, piercings, pink floyd, pixies, playboy bunny gear, playin cards, pomeranians, presents, pretty fabrics, ps2, purses, reading, sexzay guyz, shockoe bottom, shoes, shooting stars, shopping, slr 35mms, smurfs, sports cars, stickers, street racing, summer nights, sunsets and sunrises, swimming, tattoos, the beach, the canal walk, the nighttime, the rivah, the summertime, the sunshine, thunderstorms, vintage cars, walkin across the dam, walking hand-in-hand, writin letters, yummy colognes
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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