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Below is user information for ::my hopes are high that your kiss might kill me::. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xcrossxmyxhartx (584286)
Name:::my hopes are high that your kiss might kill me::
Bio:Hehe...yea so im not really from zimbabwe, just a lil inside joke there. anyways im 17 and i live in a lil town called mt. holly (yuck). only thing good about this place are the kick ass bands that came from it...eack denied and tmdd...they will all be famous one day so look for 'em. i have black hair and i drive a blue bug...yea im not too important so thats it.
Interests:77: a dozen black roses, bands, beanies, black tennisshoes, bright pink stars, btbam, candles, chapstick, cherry sticks, dashboard confessionals, december, denied, doriangrey, dr. frank-n-furter, eack, emo lyrics, emogirls, emoguys, everytimeidie, eye shadow, eyeliner, fata, finch, friends, geoff rickley, glassjaw, hair dye, hand sanitizer, hendrix, holding hands, hoodies, hxc kids, incubus, journals, key-west, kissing, lip gloss, lip rings, macbeth shoes, mascara, my bed, nofx, online quizes, pantera, piercings, pink nail polish, pj pants, poetry, porkys, prayer for cleansing, psychology, rockyhorrorpictureshow, sand, scarface, september, skateboarding, skipping school, slayer, snow, snow days, storyoftheyear, strawberries, sweet november, sxe kids, takingbacksunday, tattoos, teddy bears, the beach, the breakfast club, the used, thursday, tmdd, toe socks, unknown local bands, wal-mart, will&grace, your bed...
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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